Here is the opening to my Thursday column. In it I humbly express my extreme misgivings about the way Jim Harbaugh is utlizing Colin Kaepernick:

Jim Harbaugh has done nothing to justify making Colin Kaepernick the 49ers’ starting quarterback instead of Alex Smith.

I long have advocated Kaepernick over Smith, believe he is the superior quarterback. But Harbaugh has done such a poor job of making the transition, I wonder why he bothered in the first place.

To read the rest of my argument, please click here.

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  1. rich d

    Lowell just another article where you didn’t explain yourself, you kept talking about this skill set that Kolin has but you never said what it was or how it could be used. Is it he can run faster or his arm is a little stronger. The bottom line is Jim will not change what he does, that’s the number one reason why Manning didn’t come the 49ers, he was never going to run this offense and Jim was never going to buy into throwing the ball 45 times a game, at least not yet. Harbaugh is a stubborn and hard headed and doesn’t care what the media, fans or other coach’s think of him or his system. Jim will change when he is ready and not a minute sooner. And even if the changes are very minimal for now and Kolin does nothing different then Alex for now won’t the 49ers save 8 million dollars in April and what business wouldn’t want to save 8 million dollars even if that means not changing the product.
    Come on people see the big picture and don’t always buy into the quick fix, two season ago the 49ers were offal and we were crying for a good coach and a quality product now we got both and we want instant satisfaction. Most of you don’t remember the Steve DeBerrg days that’s who Joe Montana replaced Alex reminds me of him, Joe was faster better legs and more accurate with his throws, Bill Walsh didn’t change the offense over night for Joe. Steve Young little faster the Joe better legs didn’t change the offense over night for him. Do you guys get the picture things will changes just not always as quickly as we would like. Lowell did you bother doing any of the comparisons. Change will come my friend be patient and remember our past.
    See you in the Super Bowl
    Rich D

    January 1st, 2013 11:48 am

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