About a month ago, AT&T wrote me a form letter saying I needed something called Uverse or there would be problems with my wireless — we get our internet and phones through AT&T.

I made an appointment and a nice man came over and switched us over to Uverse. A week or so later, the internet went out. I called AT&T again — it’s not all that easy to get through — and a lady on the phone apologized profusely and sent over another technician. He said the first guy had wired it wrong. The second guy fixed the internet.

Unfortunately, a few days later I noticed a problem with our phones. In my office I have a phone with two lines — the house number and my work number. Now, the house number was eliminated — as in gone. I phoned AT&T and after much delay and being transferred to the wrong places, a lady came on. She said she would send out a technician and she said he would not damage our system. I said one guy already had damaged it.

We made an appointment for today — sort of. The appointment was some time between 8 am and 7 pm. That’s an appointment? It is now 7:20 pm and no one from AT&T has shown up. Which means I wasted a whole day waiting for technician number three and not leaving the house for nothing.

Is AT&T really this bad?

What do I do now?