About a month ago, AT&T wrote me a form letter saying I needed something called Uverse or there would be problems with my wireless — we get our internet and phones through AT&T.

I made an appointment and a nice man came over and switched us over to Uverse. A week or so later, the internet went out. I called AT&T again — it’s not all that easy to get through — and a lady on the phone apologized profusely and sent over another technician. He said the first guy had wired it wrong. The second guy fixed the internet.

Unfortunately, a few days later I noticed a problem with our phones. In my office I have a phone with two lines — the house number and my work number. Now, the house number was eliminated — as in gone. I phoned AT&T and after much delay and being transferred to the wrong places, a lady came on. She said she would send out a technician and she said he would not damage our system. I said one guy already had damaged it.

We made an appointment for today — sort of. The appointment was some time between 8 am and 7 pm. That’s an appointment? It is now 7:20 pm and no one from AT&T has shown up. Which means I wasted a whole day waiting for technician number three and not leaving the house for nothing.

Is AT&T really this bad?

What do I do now?

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  1. Will Martin

    AT&T = Aggrevation, Torture, and Torment. I worked there for three years. The sales people’s quotas drive them to sell their inferior product. The evil corporation does not care about the employees or it’s customers. Everyone has a quota, from the people in the stores, to the customer service over the phone, and even the technicians that come to install. They are all worried about their numbers, not the quality of service!

    January 1st, 2013 2:21 pm

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