I’ve been reading the internet on and off today and I read the Cardinals are interested in Andy Reid — possibly to get something out of Kevin Kolb whom Reid traded to them — and the Bills are sniffing around Ken Whisenhunt as head coach candidates. Give me a break.

When was failure ever a prerequisite for getting the next job? Both coaches are past their sell-by dates, and teams should look to younger, fresher candidates.

And there’s something else. I want to say this about Andy Reid. From everything I know he is a nice man and a likable man. Why is he looking for a coaching job so fast? As you know, two of his sons have had drug problems. One died of an overdose just a few months ago. Nothing is worse than that. I do not know Reid and I do not know what goes on in his family or what motivates him, but I believe — from afar — he should step away from coaching for at least a year and ask himself fundamental questions. What is the meaning of my life? What is the purpose of my life? Am I a good father? Am I a good husband? How can I improve in these essential areas?

I believe he should step away from coaching and examine his life. He must have enough money to take a year off. He owes this to himself and his family. He must examine his life. It feels to me like he’s trying to bury himself in the rigors and details of coaching to blind himself from the really important issues of life. So sad. Just so sad. Step away, Andy.