I have experienced certain pleasures on Saturday mornings. I was an undergraduate at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. It was an all guys school then — good grief — and it was a six day a week school. When I was a junior I had Shakespeare at 10 on Saturday morning. What a pleasure. I would go to class and hear lectures from the great Willie Watt on Hamlet or Lear or Measure for Measure. After that, the weekend was usually a dud, but I had that.

Now, I have writing. I just finished a Sunday piece on the Warriors. I love waking up on a Saturday knowing I can write. It is a gift life gives me. If the Packers win later today, the PD will hold my Warriors piece and I will bang out something on the Niners-Packers matchup next Saturday. Lovely way to end a Saturday. Hope you enjoy your day.