Here is the opening to my Thursday column about 49ers’ offensive coordinator Greg Roman who has a tendency to be a smarty pants:

Last Sunday, just before the 49ers’ first offensive play against the Falcons, I said out loud to myself, “Colin Kaepernick is going to throw a pass to Michael Crabtree.”

Sure enough, Kaepernick threw a dinky little pass to Crabtree for one yard.

The game before that against the Packers, Kaepernick threw a pass to Crabtree on the Niners’ first offensive play, this one for nine yards.

Get this. In six of the 49ers’ last eight games, the first offensive play was a pass. And that first pass went to Crabtree three of the past five games.

This is what you call a tendency. If I, a mere writer, can spot this tendency, you can bet defensive coordinators and head coaches around the league can spot it. You can bet the Baltimore Ravens know all about it.

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