Thanks again for all your kind wishes. You are such nice people. I just brought Mrs. Cohn Zohn home from the hospital — only one day after her surgery. Get this. She had a choice during her hip replacement. They could put her under full anesthetic. They could give her an epidural and give her a light anesthetic. They could give her only an epidural. She went for the epidural only. Which meant she was wide awake and watched the entire hip replacement on a TV monitor. I never would have the guts for that. She loved it. The surgeon, John Dearborn at Washington Hospital in Fremont — the guy is a whiz — was so thrilled he narrated the entire operation to Mrs. Cohn as he was working. In the background 80’s disco music was pumping through the operating room. Everyone was grooving to the music. Sounds like fun, not that I want a hip replacement of my own.