I did not like the work of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on TV. Remember, I don’t usually hear these guys because I’m in the press box. They consistently did not give down and distance and they NEVER told us the yard line. Simple stuff. Basic stuff. God knows what they were babbling about. Very bad. But, and this is a big one, at the very end, Simms brought up the possibility of the Ravens intentionally going for a safety. It was a brilliant insight and it set up the ending of the game. Good for Simms. ┬áBrad Seely, the Niners special teams coach and assistant head coach, seemed clueless about the possibility of the safety. Why? The Ravens punter danced around the end zone like a guy doing the mambo, and none of the Niners blasted him and ended the play. They went into a trance. That lapse essentially ended the game. It was another example of bad 49ers coaching, of being a step behind.