It’s well past midnight and the Cohn Zohn is asleep except for me. I’m writing like a maniac because I found the Super Bowl so interesting and it’s sparking a million thoughts in my brain, such as it is. So please bear with me. Earlier tonight, I wrote about my dissatisfaction with Greg “Fall Behind Early” Roman. Now, I’d like to add a thought about Niners general manager Trent Baalke who had something to do with making the 49ers a contender, although Mike Nolan and Scot McCloughan also helped a lot. Nothing Baalke did in the offseason helped the Niners on Super Bowl night. LaMichael James, a second round pick, fumbled. He gained 10 yards total. Randy Moss caught two passes, no TDs. A.J. Jenkins, the much heralded first-round pick, did not get on the field as far as I could tell from my TV set. He sure didn’t catch a pass. He didn’t catch a pass all season — correct me if I’m wrong. Baalke will have to do better this offseason. He bragged about putting Jenkins’ name in an envelope before he drafted Jenkins. Maybe Baalke should change envelopes.