Here is the opening to my Saturday column about Tim Lincecum and his new haircut:


Friday. Giants Media Day. Tim Lincecum walks in with a new look. Call it a new head.

Those long locks that used to hang down his back like laundry — forget them. Gone. Outta here.

His hair is short and neatly combed with a sharp part on the left side. He’s wearing black-rimmed glasses.

I’m thinking he looks like someone I ought to know. A singer, maybe. I’m trying to work this out.

He says he went to Cancun in the offseason with his girlfriend, first time he’s been out of the country except for games in Toronto.

“I didn’t know you wear glasses,” I say.

“It’s more of a look,” he says.

Meaning the glass is plain glass, non-prescription.

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