Here is the opening to my Friday column about JaMarcus Russell and his attempt at a comeback:

This is either the saddest story or the happiest story ever told. No one knows yet. No one knows until there’s an ending. And the ending hasn’t happened.

It is the JaMarcus Russell Story, the story of his comeback, to be precise. If there is a comeback. He is 27 years old, and hasn’t played in the NFL since the 2009 season when he was the worst starting quarterback in the league.

To read the entire column, please click here.

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  1. Albert Park

    I think the TEST Acadamy makes a pretty good buck off rich losers like JaMarcus. I don’t think we’ll see him back in the NFL, unless some desperate and misguided team (such as Al Davis’s version of the Raiders) takes a chance on him.

    February 15th, 2013 12:02 am

  2. Ben

    I can relate to someone who “made it” and stopped trying. I did that professionally for a few years and it led to depression and feeling really small. Nothing I’ve done has felt quite so sweet as my comeback — when I decided to reapply myself and “re-learn” how to work hard. I assume Jamarcus felt somewhat like I did… and I know that whether he succeeds or not, he’s got to be more energized and optimistic now than he’s been in years. Good for him. My human side is rooting for him. The side that watched him play… yeah he’ll probably fail.

    February 15th, 2013 7:23 am

  3. Stan

    The Raiders for the first couple of years didn’t allow any real interviews with him..not with cameras at least. And when they did? I saw a man who never smiled,never told a joke,and was sensitive to the howling criticisms. Some players can over come injuries to be players again,but Russell has an injured soul. They don’t mend so easy.

    He’s trying,but the odds aren’t good.

    February 15th, 2013 8:16 am

  4. Streetglide

    Must have run out of $$$. I doubt if he is serious. Being a thug is always a fulltime job…

    February 15th, 2013 9:19 am

  5. Tiburon Dave

    The Jamarcus story is just another chapter in the Al Davis story…specifically the decline and fall section…

    It started with “trading” Gruden to Tampa Bay and Al’s behavior just got more bizarre as the years went by…

    Any football person could see that Jamarcus was a child attached to a cannon arm…he was sure to fail…

    But in the Raiders world none of that mattered…as Al’s group of yes men cashed their last checks…I wonder if there was any remorse…

    Jamarcus and McClain are the last symbols of that era…one childlike…the other vicious…both created by the last gasps of an enfeebled old man and the worthless cowards who surrounded him…

    February 15th, 2013 9:49 am

  6. Stan

    Radnich “KNBR is the Angry white male sports hosts station” a few moments ago.
    Kreuger about 2005 “I brought it on myself”
    Lincecum a few days a go “I lost weight” etc,etc.
    Russell,Huff,Bean,Ellis and ESPN…so much more.

    And,Stan’s life posting has not been a waste. The written words of truth carry power.

    February 15th, 2013 10:22 am

  7. B-Rad

    If there’s a league where a quarterback throwing 70 yards from his
    knees equals winning, this guy will be a rousing success.

    In college, Russell thrived on the backs of his 3 world-class receivers,
    better receivers than he ever had with the Raiders, and a great fullback
    to dump off to on the rare occasion when the receivers were covered.
    And still, LSU didn’t win the BCS championship until the year after JMR left.

    And what ended up being Al Davis’ $38,000,000 screw-up was
    compounded by the fact that the guy taken right after Russell in the
    2007 draft was WR Calvin Johnson (Megatron), who, in 2012, broke Jerry
    Rice’s single season receiving yardage record.

    February 15th, 2013 11:15 am

  8. B-Rad

    Here’s a trivia question relating to my previous post that the player taken
    immediately after JaMarcus in the 2007 draft was WR Calvin Johnson.

    How many Raider wide receivers does it take to equal one Calvin Johnson?

    Based on 2012 stats:

    Calvin Johnson – 1964 yards

    Raider WR’s in order of yardage:

    #1 – Denarius Moore – 741 yards
    #2 – D. Heyward-Bey – 606 yards
    #3 – Rod Streater —- 584 yards
    Top three Raider WR’s=1931 yards

    More than three

    February 15th, 2013 2:08 pm

  9. Frank in Minnesota

    Reading this i get the feeling of shame for having said jokes about the man….i get this feeling that Jamarcus will fail, but in his own way i suppose he’s trying. Tragic really…

    February 15th, 2013 2:42 pm

  10. KauaiRobert

    ‘And you remember he was nice. He really was. You always liked him because he was so easy to like.’
    And so easy to belittle, apparently.
    I mean…you were the first one I read that called him JaBustus, Lowell.
    I’m just saying…

    February 15th, 2013 3:19 pm

  11. KauaiRobert

    Tiburon Dave is right on the money here.
    Ask yourselves just who the REAL bust was that year…JaMarcus Russell or Al Davis?

    February 15th, 2013 3:38 pm

  12. Stan

    Am I the only one shocked to read Lowell say Russell hasn’t played in the NFL since 2009?..THREE seasons he’s been out?..time went by fast.

    February 15th, 2013 4:54 pm

  13. chris

    Tiburon Dave’s comment is petty…..its totally petty to trash a guy who was physically ill and old that led to many poor seasons in Oakland……whatever AL Davis did to you Dave I’m sure he’s sorry…….and Al Davis’s failings started way before Gruden or JaMarcus……they began back in 1984 when he signed QB Marc Wilson to a mulit million dollar contract. The guy never completed more than 50% of his passes and was out of the league a few years later.

    February 15th, 2013 9:33 pm

  14. Neal

    Just don’t give a damn about Russell, just another stupid arrogant athlete who let $$ get in his way, he should be on the Biggest Loser, his NFL career is pretty much done.

    February 16th, 2013 9:55 am

  15. Tiburon Dave

    Hello Chris…

    Al Davis didn’t do anything to me and I don’t take any of this personally..

    That said…any successful leader will tell you their most important job is to surround themselves with people skilled enough to tell them when they’re wrong…their second most important job is to simultaneously groom a successor and recognize when it’s time to go…

    I believe Mr. Davis failed at both of these jobs going back to the Gruden debacle…if you want to take it back to Marc Wilson…that’s up to you…

    Bottom line…a once perennially successful organization has been a laughingstock for the past 10 plus years…

    Symptoms of that laughingstock have been the drafting and paying of Mr. Russell and Mr. McClain…all of that can be laid at Mr. Davis’s feet…

    MAYBE Reggie et al can work wonders to resurrect this franchise…but everyone knows how it got here…

    February 16th, 2013 2:51 pm

  16. owen

    Russell has a major character flaw, he does not care. In his twilight years Al Davis went from a maverick with a clear eye and identifiable purpose to the dumbest SOB to ever leave Brooklyn. He refused to acknowlede the game had changed, character matters and the opinions of others were worth considering. Instead he reveled in a carefully cultivated bad boys image, losing site of the fact that the players he surrounded himself with while obtaining that image were skilled, intelligent and highly coachable. I only hope his son allows the pros he has brought in to fix the old man’s mess enough time in which to succeed. Oakland, the town Gertrude Stein said of ” There;s no there there” deserves a fair shot at redmption

    February 17th, 2013 12:35 am

  17. Stan

    On the other hand,Russell only hurt himself. He’s not Perrish Cox,Ray Lewis or Angel Villalon. And talk about throwing it all away..the Bladerunner guy.
    Like Charlie Browns Christmas tree,Russel from certain angles isn’t such a bad guy after all..

    February 19th, 2013 2:37 pm

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