Here is the opening to my column leading up to Game 3 in the Warriors-Spurs playoff series:


Let’s start with Klay Thompson, the Warriors’ “other” starting guard. Not that there’s anything other or lesser about him.

He destroyed the Spurs on Wednesday night. Sure, it’s a team game and the Warriors did everything right. But, come on, Thompson destroyed the Spurs. He sank seven of eight 3-pointers in the first half, the most beautiful form you’ll see on a jumper, everything going swish. It was total beauty leading to total destruction.

Right after the Warriors drafted him two years ago, he came to CSN BayArea for interviews, came with his dad Mychal who played 12 years in the NBA and was the first draft pick in 1978, came with his mom Julie who played volleyball at USF. While Klay and Mychal were on the set, I sat with Julie in the Green Room, just happened to be there at the same time. She seemed worried and I asked why and, as I recall, she said, “Klay is a great player. But he’s shy. I’m worried he’ll be nervous on television.”

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