Anthony Davis has very bad manners. Anthony Davis plays right tackle for the 49ers who stayed in Appleton, Wisconsin in preparation for today’s game in Green Bay. I happen to be staying in Appleton. Davis used ugly words to describe Appleton in his tweets, to write off an entire community. I can’t write those words but I’m giving you a link to them right here.

I don’t have an opinion about Appleton as a location. I haven’t spent enough time here. But I can tell you this. Grant and I got a connecting flight on Saturday in Minneapolis. The connecting flight was delayed. We called Hertz car rental at the Appleton airport to say we would be delayed. The lady manning the desk said not to ¬†worry, she would stay there until we arrived. She did. She was an older woman and I’m sure she preferred to be home on a cold night. She gave us directions to our hotel. She told us where to eat. She led us to the parking lot so we could find our car.

The PD’s photographer John Burgess flew into Chicago Saturday night. His connecting flight to Appleton got canceled and he had to drive to Appleton from Chicago. His airline sent his baggage to Appleton and informed him it was at the airport. This morning he asked the manager of our hotel how to get a cab to the airport. She said not to worry. She drove him to the airport to get his luggage.

I always have felt the people in Appleton are exemplary in their dealings with me. I assume they treat others that way. This town is not the bad words Anthony Davis used. This town is lovely if it’s the people that matter.

Anthony Davis is a big man but he made himself look small.