I am not saying Pacific Time is better than any other time. I grew up in Eastern Time and it’s pretty good. But it is so nice to be back in the Pacific Time Zone after one weekend in Green Bay and one in Charlotte. I’m up late after Mrs. Cohn Zohn and Grant went to bed. It is easy to adapt to coming back to Pacific Time. Just go to bed whenever you want. When I got to Eastern Time, I’m always out of step.

Today, Grant turned 26. We celebrated with champagne and a Chateauneuf du Pape and then Grant’s older brother Brian came over and we opened a bottle of Barolo. These family times are the best, so precious.

Next weekend Grant and I fly to Seattle. Fascinating showdown. I believe the Niners have a great shot at going to the Super Bowl.

Good night, everyone, and God love the Pacific Time Zone.