There seems to be a firestorm caused by what I wrote about Colin Kaepernick. Oh my. If the column got you worked up, take a workout at the gym or go for a walk in nature. Even Kap’s mom, who seems nice, got into the act.

Here is what the Niners should do about Kap and his contract.

1. They should not negotiate an extension now.

2. They should make him play next season according to his contract, for slighly less than a million.

3. If he wins the Super Bowl in the upcoming season, the sky’s the limit. Pay him through the roof and God bless him.

4. If he does not win the Super Bowl, slap the franchise tag on him after the upcoming season. And let him try again. With the franchise tag, he would make a ton of dough, but not the $20 million he reportedly is asking for. The Niners hold all the leverage and should not cede it to Kap.