KTVU is reporting Niners’ cornerback Chris Culliver got arrested. I am assuming the report is correct and I’m going from there. If the report is false, I apologize in advance. Here is a link to the KTVU story.

Culliver hit a bicyclist with his car, then fled the scene. Felony.

Another driver saw the hit and run and followed Culliver in his car and tried to hem him in. Culliver grabbed a set of brass knuckles and threatened the second driver. Felony.

Then Culliver drove off. Misdemeanor.

After that, the cops nabbed him. Culliver is the same 49er who went on an anti-gay rant at the Super Bowl.

What fascinates me is the brass knuckles. I have heard of hit and run. It is a heinous offense, but I kind of understand it. I don’t understand the brass knuckles. Where do you get them? I mean, I’ve seen them only on TV and in movies. Is there a brass knuckles shop?

And why did Culliver have brass knuckles? “I may need these puppies,” he might have told himself one day.

Did he keep the knuckles in his glove compartment? Or maybe under the driver’s seat for easy access. We may learn the answers in the next few days.

Jim Harbaugh says he wants his guys to be above reproach. Let’s check the scorecard on the above-reproach Niners.

Aldon Smith, taken in the same 2011 draft as Culliver, shot off an unlicensed gun at his house and then crashed into a tree while under the influence.

Ahmad Brooks hit a teammate in the head with a bottle and then threatened to shoot him with a gun, although that detail about the gun is disputed.

And now we have Culliver.

Here’s my scorecard, and correct me if I’m wrong.

Two guns (one gun disputed).

Two cars.

One bottle.

One tree.

One set of brass knuckles.