After Game 1 of this Warriors-Clippers series, I heard two LA journalists talking. One asked the other, “Are you going to Golden State for Game 3?”

Golden State?

Do the Warriors play their games in Golden State? I thought they play in Oakland. Weird how they are perceived and called around the NBA.

These same two guys were saying fans down here are way more interested in the Lakers than the Clippers, even though the Lakers stink and didn’t make the playoffs. I have no opinion. I still don’t know why people down here call the San Diego Freeway “the 405,” as opposed to plain 405.

One of the journalists said, even though the Clips are in the playoffs, if someone staged a public lynching of Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni, fans would be more interested in that than the Clippers series.

Well, I should hope so. Public lynchings being so rare.