We redid our kitchen, the whole, thing last summer. Already the hood over the cooktop went out. FYI, it’s a Kitchen Aid and it cost big bucks. It was on warranty so we got it replaced for free.  The repairman showed us the internal fan was made of plastic and didn’t hold up. The replacement cooktop also has a replacement fan of plastic. Are you kidding me? The repairman said the new one will go out too.

Over the weekend our kitchen sink faucet was leaking and there was water by the ton under the sink. We went all weekend unable to use the sink or the dishwasher. The plumber came on Monday. He showed us the nozzle of the faucet was loose and we could have screwed it tight in two seconds. That was the whole deal,me being a moron when it comes to fixing things. The repairman cost me $120 to find that out.

Easy come easy go.