Our country’s participation in World Cup was exciting. Soccer is a good game, although I admit I don’t know much about it.  But one thing I don’t understand.

Why do sports writers and TV commentators and bloggers keep proselytizing about soccer? After the US got eliminated, I read in the NY Times how we lost but our participation was a victory for soccer in general. I read lots of stuff like that. And the implication seemed to be that we as a nation are remiss for not going gaga about soccer. That it is our collective failure that soccer is not as important here as in the rest of the world. Again, I am not putting down soccer, but I am putting down the soccer do-gooders who seem to think we have an obligation to like soccer more than we do.

I mean, why should we embrace soccer if we don’t want to? We have other sports. We have American football and baseball etc. Will augmenting our intertest in soccer make us a better nation, more moral, more caring, more sophisticated? I don’t think so.

It seems to me this is about money. Soccer leagues make a lot of money. There is money to be made in the US — a lot more money than soccer makes now. Fine. Let soccer try. And good luck. But, me, I’m mostly going to forget about soccer until the next World Cup. Does that make me a bad person, a shallow person? I hope not.