For Game 1, I sat in the auxiliary press box although I have a seat in the main press box. The aux box is down the left field line. I sat there because there is a post in front of my face in the main box and I need to crane my neck to see the batter. I thought I could see better from the aux box. Also, my colleague from the PD, Phil Barber, is sitting in left field and we need to talk and plan during the game.

One problem, though. I could not see the ball. Maybe it’s because the batted ball came out of a background of white shirts. Or maybe it was the distance. Whatever it was, I could not see batted balls. I saw Gregor Blanco run and stop running and throw something back toward the infield. But I never actually saw the ball. I kept asking Phil, “What happened?” And he would say something like, “Ball back to the pitcher.” And I would say, “Thanks.”

I could not see 80 percent of batted balls, a disjointed and disquieting way to watch a a game — actually not to watch a game.

So, I’m back in the main box. I hope to see the ball. The post in the main box looks beautiful.