I was feeling worried about Matt Maiocco. Every time I turned on the radio or watched CSN BayArea he was saying Tomsula might be Niners coach, don’t forget Tomsula. I thought Matt had lost his mind, or maybe a source was leading him astray. I really was worried about Matt.

We are good friends, worked together for years at the PD. The crib my two grandkids slept in was the crib Matt’s daughters slept in. There always is a part of Matt around our house. But he kept saying don’t rule out Tomsula. Poor Matt.

I was on CSN Monday, sitting on the set with Kozimor and Killion and Matt was on a remote hookup and he said the Tomsula thing again. I shook my head. I knew the idea of Tomsula was preposterous, wouldn’t happen. I wanted to call him up and say, “Matty, take two aspirin and go to bed.”

And then the Niners hired Tomsula. Matt was right all along. I’m the one who needs aspirin and bedrest.