Good lord. I am a wine drinker. I am a reader about wine. I love wine. Sunday’s Chron has a big blowout section on their wine competition and its results. I love sections like this. I love to read every word. This section is 48 pages. Sign me up.

Long wine sections are the tops. The wine listings — the results — don’t actually begin until page 32 after all the ads and features. But OK I love reading wine ads and soft features. Then came the results.

I can’t read the type. It’s too small for my old eyes. I may have a magnifying glass in the house. Not sure. The type is so small it’s like reading sports agate, but maybe even harder to read as it’s in italics — I think. I can’t be sure. I’m looking around the house for an electron microscope.

Why would anyone put out an unreadable wine section? After several tries, I gave up on reading it. I’m sure the selections are good.