The Giants workout just ended. Pitchers threw to batters on three different fields. Jake Peavy pitched in Scottsdale Stadium – I watched him. Tim Lincecum pitched in the back field at Scottsdale Stadium and I did not see him.

Reporters asked Bruce Bochy about Lincecum.

“Looked good,” Bochy said, “threw the ball well. Good outing for him. Great delivery. Free and easy. Command of everything. He’s working on things, getting  ready for the season. He’s been very good with his rhythm. His delivery has been very consistent since he’s been here. It’s his first time facing hitters. Good day for him.”

Angel Pagan has a sore neck. Bochy said Pagan did his work inside the clubhouse and will take one more day off from on-field play.

A reporter asked if Travis Ishikawa will work more at first base or left field

“He’ll spend more time at first base,” Bochy said. “He’ll get a lot of work in left field, could be that fifth outfielder. Talking this morning, he’s gone nuts on me. He’s got a catcher’s mitt.”