Tim Lincecum seems to be a very nice person. Always has appeared that way. To the extent that I know him I like him. But it’s hard being Tim Lincecum. That’s my opinion.

I did not interview him in Arizona. His body language so clearly says please leave me alone. Most reporters leave him alone out of kindness or deference. Whatever.

Talking about himself and his occupation seems to pain him. More than it pains most. I don’t know why. I don’t want to inflict pain on him. I leave him alone. He has a lot on his mind. I understand that.

After he pitches, he is obliged to talk to the media. He happens to be great in that context. Honest. Forthright. Revealing.

Other times, he scrunches up near his locker, seems to fade into the wall. I don’t know why. I wish him well. I think it’s hard being him.