Al Rosen died. I want to pay homage.

He was a tough nice man. He spoke honestly and he didn’t fib. He wasn’t big but he seemed very big. He made the Giants relevant. He brought up Robby Thompson and Will Clark. He hired Roger Craig. He let Craig manage without interference. He had been a great baseball player and after that he was a man of business. A man of the world. He always was available to talk honestly. When he got the job as GM he phoned every columnist that night and introduced himself. He knew how to handle himself. He did crossword puzzles as easy as breathing. I admired him.

Streetglide, a contributor to this blog, wrote me about Rosen:

“You can write that Al took time to see sick and injured kids in the Children’s Hospital (in Cleveland) long before it was fashionable to do so.  You can also write that the citizens of the famous Jewish enclave, “Shaker Heights,” were extremely proud of him.  He was the perfect antidote to the image of Jewish men passively going to their deaths in WW II Europe.  Al was a tough, hard guy with a soft heart.  Those are the best kind.”

Rest in peace, Al Rosen