There is a God.

I went to a media session earlier today with Steve Kerr and Draymond Green. Walked back to my hotel. Cut into Majestic Grille for lunch. While I’m eating, the waitress, lovely woman named Lisa, told me not to hurry. The Rufus Thomas Family was about to perform.

I look up to the balcony. There they are. They were celebrating a relative’s birthday. Great sax. Filled up the room. I’m getting this for free, getting this along with my eggs. Then IT happened. Carla Thomas grabbed the mic. Carla Thomas the Queen of Memphis Soul, Carla who sang “Gee, whiz — look at his eyes,” and “B-A-B-Y.”

Sing, Carla.

Lisa the waitress told me Steve Kerr came to dinner at the Majestic Friday night. Stood near the bar waiting for a place — you can eat at the bar there. He waited like everybody else. Everyone knew who he was. Lisa got him a place at the bar. Everyone left him alone. People sent shots over but he politely declined. He had a couple of beers and a steak. When he was done patrons said hello to him. Lisa said no one intruded while he ate. “It’s a Southern thing,” she said.

When you’re in Memphis go to the Majestic. It’s on Main St. What a street. A streetcar runs down the middle. No autos allowed. Cobble stones. Parks. It feels like the Railroad Square District in Santa Rosa, only much bigger.

Great start to my day. Gotta run. Column to write.

Sing, Carla.