Here is some Q&A with Steve Kerr from this morning’s shootaround. He alternates between playful and grumpy.

Is Curry healthy after he took that fall?

“He’s fine physically. Shots come and go. No one would say a word if it was the regular season. He’ll make them.”

On the team’s shot selection in Game 2:

“We spent a large part of that game taking bad shots. I thought we took some quick shots. There’s some things we can do to get better shots. But those are not things I’m going to talk about with you right now.”

Is Curry shooting his way out of a shooting slump?

“Is he in a slump? Steph Curry’s in a slump? He had a bad game. He had one bad shooting night.

About the noise in the Cavs’ arena.

“If it’s too loud we might just quit. Go home. Just forfeit Games 3 and 4 and hope we can get them at home and get our crowd really loud.”

On news coverage of the Finals:

“I haven’t read anything this entire series or listened to anything. It’s all a bunch of crap anyway.”

The difference between Popovich and him.

“He’s maybe the greatest coach of all time, certainly top three. I’m not. I think I’m fourth or fifth.” Laughter all around.