Flew out of Cleveland today. I had a stop in Chicago but wasn’t supposed to change planes. When I got to Chicago they said I had to change planes. I got to the new gate and told the gate agent I was flying to Oakland but my next segment took me through Austin TX. Could she find me a more direct route to Oakland? She said I was a through passenger and technically I wasn’t in Chicago. I said I might not be in Chicago technically but in reality I was standing right there. She said I had to go through Austin. I went.

A few minutes out of Austin, the flight attendant came on the loudspeaker and said people who had the Flight Tracker ap probably already knew we were diverted to Dallas. Flight Tracker? Dallas?

The weather in Austin was too bad to land. So we sat at the gate in Dallas while people went to the ‘lavatory’ like mad. A gate agent walked onto the plane and said the two Oakland passengers should deplane. ‘There is a God,’ I thought. I also thought I was flying from Dallas to Oakland.

Not so.

I was being diverted to Houston where I would catch a direct flight to Oakland. But the flight to Oakland was delayed. Still is delayed. Today feels like a month. I am eating Baskin Robbins in the Houston airport. It’s awful on my cholesterol but makes me happy.

I’m reading on my kindle ‘What Maisy Knew,’ by Henry James. When I know what she knew, I’ll tell you.

I hope to go home. And you thought this life was glamorous.