This is about weekly planner books — this is the stuff I think about on vacation. Forgive me.

For decades, I have used Letts of London books. They are stylish, good-looking and fit easily into my computer bag. I like books. I don’t like keeping my schedule on my phone or computer. I’m old. I trust books and hand-written items. Plus my schedule is complicated.

Anyway, I use Letts 30X model. I like the configuration of each week in the book. But the past few years the 30X doesn’t hold together so well. Shame on you, Letts for letting standards slip. Or is it just my imagination?

I may move to the 32X, a better-made book, but I don’t like the configuration. This is one of life’s little irritants.

What do you do for a planner? Do you have suggestions for me as I write this on a wet gray day in the Oakland hills.