A reader of this blog wrote a polite comment chastising me for mocking Jim Tomsula. Mocking was the reader’s word. I have thought a lot about the comment and I have mocked Tomsula and sometimes I do feel bad about it. I have mocked the way he talks, the way he looks and his NFL Europe background. Before it’s all over, I may mock other things about him. Let me explain why I do it, although these explanations are not justifications.

Let’s just say it’s in my personality to write sarcastically about people I don’t respect. I really do not respect Tomsula as a coach, know almost nothing about him as a man. I am a New Yorker to the core and sarcasm is at my core. I was raised in a highly-charged verbal culture in the 50s and 60s. Don’t know how it is now in NY.

Tomsula asked for what he’s getting. If he remained a D Line coach I never would write about him.

Tomsula, by being a bad head coach, mocks head coaches everywhere.

Jed York, by hiring Tomsula, mocks the entire league and the glorious history of the 49ers.

So, I write what I write. In a way, it would be unfair to my readers to give Tomsula a pass, to pretend he’s doing OK. The Packers didn’t give him a pass. The Ravens don’t want to give him a pass. They want to take advantage of him.

Still, I do admit I sometimes feel sorry for Tomsula. He’s so easy to nail. I’d hate to have me writing sarcastically about me.

So, now I’ve admitted something about my mixed feelings. Have a nice day.