At Monday’s presser Janie McCauley from Associated Press asked Jim Tomsula his thoughts about the last time the Niners played the Seahawks on a Thursday night, last year’s infamous Thanksgiving night game when Richard Sherman ate turkey on the Niners field after the Seahawks won, when Jed York sent out that infamous tweet.

Here’s Tomsula’s answer: “I didn’t remember that until you just brought that up. I don’t really pay much attention to the pompinstance around it.”

Tomsula paused and thought about what he’d just said. While he paused, I asked myself, “Did he really just say pompinstance?”

“If that’s a word,” Tomsula finally said, smiling shyly. “Here I am making up vocabulary. Its Pittsburghese.”

Good for Tomsula. He made up a great word. It could have been an awkward moment, but he redeemed it through humor. And frankly pompinstance is one great word. Forget pomp and circumstance. Forever after it’s pompinstance.