This morning I posted this tweet: “Kaepernick one of the most arrogant, rude athletes I ever covered in 35 years.”

It is a true statement as far as my interaction with Kap goes. Other journalists find him rude and arrogant, believe me. I wrote the tweet because Kap’s time in SF/Santa Clara is coming to an end and I wanted to express my feelings — feelings I have expressed many ┬átimes before.

Well, you should have seen the frenzy on Twitter, something I’m not used to. Many people favored my tweet and I got about 50 new followers just like that. But many hated my tweet and attacked me — and my son — personally. Often I let stuff like that pass. But for fun, I wrote back in the same tone as the responder and that caused more of a frenzy. The joint was jumping because I chose to play the game. All new to me. It’s weird to have so much power.