Jim Harbaugh recently held a press conference in Michigan. Out of the blue, he said, “We train our quarterbacks to throw to people that aren’t covered, even if it’s a running play. I was watching an NFL game where they didn’t cover a receiver and the quarterback handed it off, and got maligned by scribes and pundits and so-called experts for not throwing it to him.”

Here’s the context. The team in question was the 49ers. And yes Harbaugh was taking a shot at them. A few plays before the 49ers recently  gave up a safety against the Rams, Kaepernick lined up near his own goal line. Receiver Torrey Smith noticed the cornerback covering him was not covering him. The corner had run to the box to stop the run. No one and I mean no one was covering Smith who waved his arms furiously to Kap to throw him the ball. Kap never saw him. Never looked at him. No surprise that one. He handed off to Mike Davis who lost yardage and later came the safety.

Harbaugh was saying not to blame Kap. Blame the 49ers coaches — that would be Tomsula and Geep Chryst for sure — blame them for not coaching well. Harbaugh went out of his way to nail these guys. Guess they don’t impress him.