I want to be upfront about this. About Colin Kaepernick. I won’t miss him. I’m kind of glad he’s out of here — he almost surely is history with the 9ers. I don’t want him to be injured, although this one to his non-throwing shoulder does not seem like a career breaker. I just don’t want to deal with him ever again. Is he the most annoying athlete I ever covered? Of course not. Barry Bonds basks alone in that category. Lots of people agree with me about Bonds.

But Kaepernick has been so condescending to professional journalists trying their best to do their job, most of whom felt positively about Kap when he got drafted. He came to Santa Clara with his parents and they all seemed so refeshing and just plain nice. And maybe Kap is nice. I haven’t seen it.

All those snotty non-answer answers he gave over the years. All that obvious contempt for people older than he is and more experienced and wiser. Maybe he thought he was so good he could act any way he wanted. So careless. So rude. He needs to take stock of who he is in the world of adults. And he needs to take stock of what kind of QB he is. Right now, he’s third rate. Condescend to that.