So I wake up this morning only to read Paraag Marathe is out as 9ers president, reassigned to other duties. I’m reading it amounts to a firing. Is this good? I don’t know. It’s good if the 9ers bring in an experienced NFL executive who actually knows football. Will they? You got me.

One article said PM was demoted/fired because he leaked stuff to the press. Maybe he did, but didn’t you get the feeling Jed York also did some leaking? If he did, he also should reassign himself.

I have a question. Who ordered PM’s reassignment? Jed? Or did mom and dad have a hand in this?

One other thing. I’ve known PM a long time. Always liked him. He is likable. But the last year or so, whenever we pass each other, he starts doodling with his cell phone. Really won’t talk to me. Or look at me. Ted Robinson won’t talk to me either. I’ve only known him 35 years and we’ve been friendly. It seems when a person — me — writes critical stuff about the ridiculous 9ers organization, the entire group ostracizes him/her/me. So small-minded and frankly rinky dink. I take getting ostracized by this bunch as a badge of honor, thank you.