Just returned from two weeks vacation in warm places. Mrs. Cohn Zohn wanted warm weather and from what I hear the Bay Area was warm the whole time. We spent two nights in Sedona, AZ at L’Auberge de Sedona, a fancy resort. We had a casita, the nicest hotel room I ever had. I am not encouraging you to go — the place is expensive — but my attitude these days is what the hell am I saving it for. Sedona has an international film festival. Who knew? This year they were giving a lifetime achievement award to Elliott Gould, an actor I like a lot.

My wife and I were leaving our casita Friday morning and I said to her, “It sure smells nice around here.” Someone said, “I agree. It smells nice.”

I looked up. Elliott. Here’s the funny thing. I have known hundres of famous athletes. No big deal. But seeing him, I felt shy. I stuck out my hand — not sure why — and he shook it. My wife said, “I love your work.” He said thanks.

Afterwards, she said to me, “Did I really say I love your work? Was that the best I came up with?”

She pointed out he was wearing Birkenstocks with socks. Nice touch.

The film festival also honored some of the original cast of American Graffiti. I heard Richard Dreyfuss, Candy Clark and Cindy Williams would be there. Never saw them. Would like to shake Dreyfuss’ hand. Was wonderful in The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz and a million other films.