Here are some quotes from this morning’s Houston Chronicle — stuff the Rockets said on Wednesday. The gist is the Warriors are not a finesse team. They are down and dirty – like the old Detroit Pistons, and the poor finesse Rockets have to meet force with force.

Dwight Howard: “It’s just like a boxing match. If you want to beat the champ, you have to knock them out. If you expect to win a decision, it’s going to be hard. So you have to knock them out.”

Corey Brewer: “Those first two games they kicked our butts. We have to take that personally and come out and do something about it.”

Interim head coach J.B. Bickerstaff: “I thought we needed to be a little more nasty. You go back and watch them play and you watch a shot go up. You watch Andrew Bogut grab Dwight’s jersey. You watch him push guys in the back. Klay Thompson wants to get open for a shot, he two-hand chest shoves. We have to be willing to make those same types of plays. It’s time for the game to get a little chippy.”

Chippy as in fighting? Seriously?

Bickerstaff’s quotes were especially juvenile. The Rockets can’t beat the Warriors in straight up basketball, so he wants this to be mayhem. It’s desperate thinking.

Then there was Patrick Beverley this morning. Beverley, by the way, has been cast as a villain. He was cordial, patient and friendly with me – for what it’s worth. “We need to go out there and make it uncomfortable for the other team and come out here and try and get a win. It’s second nature to me. I’m not out there trying to play dirty, trying to hurt anybody. Just trying to make it as uncomfortable as possible.”

Beverley’s remarks were less incendiary than what his teammates and coach said the day before. Maybe someone sent out a memo.

Beverley also said this: “Trying to do things different that they’re not used to. Surprise attack. In order to beat teams like this, you have to have to have a surprise attack. I’m the head of the snake. I have to get my teammates ready.”

Granted he’s the head of the snake, but what kind of surprise attack? Dive bombers? Hand grenades? Drones? You mean, the Rockets had a surprise ready but decided not to use it in the first two games?

Whatever the surprise attack is, I’m interested. You?