Steve Kerr just spoke to the media at shootaround. Here are the highlights.

About Stephen Curry’s status for tonight. “Nothing new. He went through shootaround. We haven’t made any decision on whether he’ll play tonight. He’s still questionable.”

Is it a pregame decision?

“It could be earlier.”

On the Rockets vow to get “chippy,” and their complaint they aren’t getting the calls.

“I’ve never been on a team that didn’t think we were getting screwed. Every team I’ve ever been on I was convinced we were getting bad calls. It’s just the way it works. The referees have an almost impossible job, especially in the playoffs when it gets very physical. For every call we don’t like, there’s one they don’t like. It’s the way the game is.”

How about their vow to be rougher?

“That’s smart. That’s how you have to respond when you’re down and that’s how we would respond, same way. Hopefully we’ll be physical and tough ourselves and be competitive and see what happens.”

About now playing in Houston:

“We’ve got to withstand the early force they’re going to come with. We haven’t done anything yet. We’ve won our two home games which we’re supposed to do. But to really take control of a series, you have to win on the road. Hopefully tonight.”