As you know, went to my 50th from Lafayette College. Bumped into a guy from my class last Friday night, great guy. I won’t give his name.

‘You’re the sportswriter,’ he says.

‘Yeah, that’s me.’

‘I’m friends with Steve Kerr,’ he says.

I smile at him. I’m thinking, Oh, here’s another dreamer.’ I hear this stuff all the time — ‘I’m friends with (insert famous name).

‘Let’s take a selfie and I’ll text it to Steve,’ he says.

Sure, I’m thinking. Dream on.

He takes the selfie and no more than 30 seconds later, Kerr texts back: ‘Is that Lowell. Tell him he missed an important press conference.’

So the guy was legit and I was as usual a schmuck, and this morning at shootaround Kerr and I shared a laugh over the whole thing.