avocado, guacamole, pesto, onion dip, cheese dip, any kind of dip, quinoa, New York steak, Reuben sandwich, “Awesome” as an exclamation for everything good or not so good, tri tip, “No problem” instead of “You’re welcome,” pizza with shrimp on top, hash browns, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, you name it — all I heard of was Manischevitz, Barstow, Yreka, North Beach, Herb Caen, Glenn Dickey, Ira Miller, gnocchi, Charles McCabe, Santa Rosa (lovely place), Dry Creek, Sea Ranch, Gualala, Sunken Diamond, Jim Plunkett, Al Davis, Bill King, Lon Simmons.

To be continued.