So sad. So scary. I am at a hotel in New York right now watching TV about the explosion in Chelsea, Manhattan. No one seems to know for sure what happened or who did it, but what took place was bad. I am in New York for a memorial for my cousin Alison Bernstein who died in June. I loved Alison.

I was eating dinner at the bar at a phenomenal restaurant near my hotel. the restaurant called Toscana 49 — recommended by Spander. My wife is Toscana. I was eating at the bar — I like to eat at the bar when I’m on my own — and I was watching the Stanford-SC game on TV when the manager apologetically changed the channel to watch what was going on in Chelsea. Oh my God. So we stopped watching Stanford — I went to Stanford, I lived in Palo Alto 19 years — and watched this horror. This is a sad weekend for me, for America.┬áNew York under attack. My God.