Some confusion about today’s Baalke column, interesting in a way. The headline reads: Firing Baalke would make 49ers’ situation worse.

My article did not say that. It said firing Baalke is not a simple matter because Jed York is probably not in a position to find anyone better.

Those are two different statements. I make no case for keeping Baalke who has not done a good job.

I’m sure you know this but I’ll remind you anyway. Writers do not write headlines. Headline writers do. In my case, I work 65 miles from Santa Rosa and did not write that headline, haven’t written one in my life.

I tell you this because I’ve been getting notes and comments this morning questioning my so-called statement that the 9ers will be worse without Baalke. But I never wrote that and never intended that. Focus on the article, not the headline.