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Giants win Game 1, as usual

Here is a link to my column about Game 1 of the World Series. The full text runs below: KANSAS CITY — So, these are the Kansas City Royals? Really? We’ve heard so much about this force out of the Midwest, this miracle team. They had not lost in the postseason, were 8-0. They were red hot. Well, miracle shmiracle. The Giants cooled them down 7-1 in Game 1 of the World Series. Crushed them is more like it. The… Read More »

Who is a real Giant?

Here is a link to my column from Monday’s World Series media day. The full text runs below: KANSAS CITY, Mo. As the first game of the World Series looms, here is a simple question: Who is a real Giant? Is Matt Cain a real Giant? Is Marco Scutaro? Is Angel Pagan? It’s a vague question, I admit. So, I’ll lay out my terms. A true Giant is a player who gets off his butt. Gets off his butt for… Read More »

Chili Davis leaves A’s

Chili Davis is leaving the A’s to become batting coach for the Red Sox. It is a big deal — a big bad deal for the A’s. Chili is a great hitting coach. He works long hours. And he is a great guy. I have a theory why he left the A’s — I have not talked to him about it. I can almost guarantee the Sox are paying him more money, the money he deserves. I can almost guarantee… Read More »

The pillbox

There are many ways I know I’m old. The pillbox is one of them. I am packing today because tomorrow I fly to KC for the World Series. When I was younger, packing was simple. I packed my clothes. Now I have to pack the pillbox, one of those things with compartments labeled Sunday, Monday etc. I put all my pill bottles out and drop pills into the appropriate compartments. If you are old, you know what I’m talking about.… Read More »

Giants bound for the Series

Here is a link to my Friday column from the Giants’ pennant-clinching game against the Cards. I wrote this for the front page of the PD, as requested, so it is less sports and more scene and context than usual. I hope you approve. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO — When Travis Ishikawa hit the three-run homer that won the game and put the Giants into the World Series, the water fountains in right field started to spray… Read More »

Giants one win away

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO — Right now, you wouldn’t want to be the St. Louis Cardinals. I understand you can’t be a team. You’re a person. But you wouldn’t want to be the Cardinals, anyway. Why? Because after losing to the Giants 6-4 on Wednesday, they are facing extinction Thursday. The kind of extinction where your season ends and you take the long silent flight home and the next… Read More »

Giants win Game 3

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the Giants’ win in Game 3. The full text runs below: SAN FRANCISCO The game had “loss” written all over it. A Giants’ loss. They crushed the great John Lackey in the first inning and then they did nothing inning after inning. Probably because Lackey figured out what he did wrong. The Giants were futility personified. They let the Cardinals back into the game — the Cardinals who are always knocking… Read More »

Giants lose Game 2

Here is a link to my Monday column about the Giant’s loss to the Cards in Game 2. The full text runs below: ST. LOUIS When Kolten Wong yanked Sergio Romo’s pitch into the right field stands ending Game 2 with a walk-off piece, Romo yanked his head around and stared at the ball. Then he turned around, a look of surrender and grief on his face, and walked briskly toward the visitor’s dugout. The game was over, a game… Read More »

Giants win Game 1

Here is a link to my column about the Giants’ victory in Game 1 over the Cardinals. The full text runs below: ST. LOUIS — Is there a better pitcher than Madison Bumgarner? Really, is there? He came into St. Louis, to Busch Stadium, to the Cardinals’ yard in this legendary baseball town with its heroic baseball tradition, with 47,000 manic, confident fans going nuts, and he took on the Cardinals’ best pitcher and he won. Not even close. He… Read More »

Eating in St. Louis

I’ve covered lots of Giants and Niners games in St. Louis and I’m fairly familiar with the place. I like St. Louis. I stay downtown because it’s near where the Cardinals and Rams play — I’m at a downtown hotel right now — but I like to eat in the neighborhoods. I like the Central West End and consider it one of the most interesting neighborhoods in America. I used to eat all the time at the Balaban but haven’t… Read More »