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Warriors, Grizzlies and Dinosaurs

Here is a link to my Monday column about Game 1 of the Warriors-Grizzlies series. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — The most important character in the Warriors-Grizzlies series is Mike Conley’s left eye. The white is flaming red. The area around the eye is inflamed and swollen — he had reconstructive surgery. He looks like a guy who got attacked in an alley. Conley is the Grizzlies point guard and he did not play in the Warriors’ 101-86… Read More »

A look at Warriors-Grizzlies

Here is a link to my Sunday column discussing the Warriors-Grizzlies matchup. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Grind. It’s the Memphis Grizzlies’ verb. Grind. Grind it out. Their style of play? Grit and Grind. The nickname of their arena, the FedEx Forum? The Grind House. You play the Grizzlies in the Grind House, you face the grind, you have a grind, your life’s a grind. You better do some grinding yourself or you end up ground chuck, ground… Read More »

49ers new uniforms and Kaepernick

The Niners new unis look cool. Not that the uniforms matter. The 49ers could play in rags as long as they play well. Will they play well? In a statement released by the team, Colin Kaepernick said of the uniforms, “I love the jerseys. I think it’s a fresh look. This is the first time we’ve had a black jersey in our team’s history, and it’s something that the fans are going to be excited about.” That was quite a… Read More »

Impressions of Tomsula

I’ve been around Jim Tomsula only a few times, so I’m still trying to read him and understand him. He spoke to the media Thursday night after the first round of the draft ended. He is an expressive man, puts everything into his words and uses his hands when he talks. He comes across as a nice guy, a straightahead guy. He seems sincere. Sometimes I don’t understand him, but sometimes people don’t understand me. He was patient on Thursday… Read More »

49ers draft Armstead, a project

Here is a link to my Friday column about the 49ers’ first-round pick Arik Armstead. The full text runs below: SANTA CLARA — Trader Trent Baalke traded down for that? The 49ers’ genius in training traded back from No.15 to No.17 for defensive lineman Arik Armstead, a man guaranteed not to make a difference. It’s always a pity when a team’s No.1 pick won’t make a difference. Some TV guy said Armstead has “upside.” I forget which one said it.… Read More »

Warriors’ window of opportunity is now

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the Warriors. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — The Warriors’ gym, high noon on Tuesday. Steve Kerr kept his team working an hour longer than planned. He’s not coaching the Warriors against the Grizzlies or Trail Blazers. No game planning yet. Memphis and Portland have to finish their business first. Kerr walked over to his high chair by the wall in front of the Warriors logo. Questions? “Are you guys… Read More »

I don’t like Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Here is an early link to my Tuesday column about Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. The full text runs below: I don’t like Floyd Mayweather, Jr. I like Manny Pacquiao. I hope Pacquiao beats Mayweather Saturday night. I hope Pacquiao knocks him out. I object to Mayweather on two grounds — moral and athletic. Let’s handle the moral issue first. He is a woman beater. He served time in the slammer for beating up his girlfriend in front of their… Read More »

Warriors prepare for Game 4

Here is a link to my Saturday Warriors column. The full text runs below: NEW ORLEANS — Allow me to introduce Ron Adams. He is an assistant coach for the Warriors, the coach in charge of defense. In football he would be defensive coordinator. He is older than other coaches on Steve Kerr’s staff. He is an elder statesman of coaches — emphasis on the statesman. He is the wise older man Kerr needs. He is deeply respected throughout the… Read More »

Warriors take commanding lead

Here is a link to my Friday column about the Warriors’ win in Game 3. This game changed so fast and my deadline was so tight I hope this came out in English. The full text runs below: NEW ORLEANS — You could feel the fear in the Pelicans. They were ready to choke. They would embrace choking. You could feel the fear in their crowd. The fear was palpable. It was a thing, a monster lurking. The Pelicans went… Read More »

Preview Game 3 Warriors-Pelicans

Here is a link to my Thursday column previewing Game 3 between the Warriors and Pelicans. The full text runs below: METAIRIE, La. — The New Orleans Pelicans, bless their young souls, are grasping at straws. Or maybe they’re whistling past the graveyard. They’re sure doing something that smells of desperation and surrender. Even if they don’t mean to. They are a good team, a team on the rise, a team with a fine coach — Monty Williams. A team… Read More »