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Ray McDonald and the 49ers and the Bears?????

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Ray McDonald and the Niners and due process, etc. etc. The full text runs below: I find the 49ers confusing. I bet you do, too. The latest confusion concerns Ray McDonald. You remember McDonald. He is an excellent defensive lineman, something the 49ers need, and now he has hooked up with the Chicago Bears. He has hooked up with the Bears because the 49ers no longer want him. They released him… Read More »

The Warriors’ three superstars.

Here is an early link to my Thursday Warriors column. The full text runs below: On their way to bigger things — they hope — the Golden State Warriors clinched the Pacific Division title Tuesday night in Portland. First time they won the division in 39 years. The Warriors may be the best team in the NBA. The playoffs will have something to say about that. The Warriors may win the league championship. It’s certainly possible. Maybe even probable. And… Read More »

Ranking Warriors starters

Here is my personal ranking of the Warriors starters from most important to least important. They all are important, of course. I’m just ranking them. Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Draymond Green Andrew Bogut Harrison Barnes

Chris Borland does another right thing

Chris Borland is repaying the Niners part of his signing bonus on a pro rated basis. In other words, he is repaying what he will not earn. He is a man of integrity and this is another sign of it. Whether the team would have sued him for the dough if he didn’t pay, I don’t know.

Bulletin: Raiders are improving

Here is an early link to my Sunday column about the Raiders in free agency. The full text runs below: How is football like baseball? A team must be strong up the middle. In baseball, a team needs a good catcher, pitcher, shortstop, second baseman and center fielder. Of course, every team needs more than that, but every team needs to be strong up the middle for starters. Or it’s sunk. Same goes for football. Same goes for the Oakland… Read More »


Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I go to a new restaurant in the Oakland Hills, the Growlers Arms, an English Country restaurant. Just great. I love the food and the room and I always order a decaf after dinner. They bring the coffee and cubes of brown sugar. When I was a kid in Brooklyn, the old men on Avenue M, the old men from the old country, drank their coffee with a sugar cube in their mouth, drank the coffee… Read More »

Sandy Alderson book

Sandy Alderson is among the most interesting people I’ve met and covered. He is cool, hot, calm, excitable, very smart, funny and serious. Steve Kettmann, my former colleague at the Chronicle, just came out with “Baseball Maverick,” a book which captures all of Sandy’s complexity. It is a rollicking, fascinating read. It tells how Sandy was a Marine in Viet Nam. Hey, he even was pictured in a Marine poster.  It tells how Sandy got into baseball with the A’s… Read More »

Harrison Barnes for vice president

Bumped into the great Jim Barnett in the parking lot after the Warriors blew out the Hawks Wednesday night. Jim is a big Harrison Barnes fan. Jim calls Barnes The Senator because, believe me, some day Barnes will be a senator. That’s how impressive he is. Jim said Barnes had a monster game. He led all scorers with 25 points and made 11 of 13 shots. At one point, Barnes walked to the scorer’s table and saw what Barnett had… Read More »

Warriors shoot down Hawks

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the Warriors’ win over Atlanta. The full text runs below: OAKLAND Hours before the Warriors defeated the Atlanta Hawks 114-95, a reporter asked Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer if Wednesday’s game between the Hawks and Warriors, the teams with the best records in the NBA, was a “statement game” for Atlanta. “No,” Budenholzer elaborated. He was dismissing the question, the entire notion that the game meant anything one way or another. Considering… Read More »

On Chris Borland’s retirement

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about Chris Borland. The full text runs below: With Chris Borland you noticed the voice. He spoke softly, just above a whisper. He always was polite and he always sat at his locker during the week available for interviews, unlike some of his more famous teammates. But he spoke softly and you leaned in to hear him, and you realized two things. He was quieting things down — making the dialog polite… Read More »