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More Chip Kelly

I went to the wrong news conference on Wednesday. I went to the introduction of a football coach. When I read the papers this morning, I saw tht everyone else went to the canonizing of a saint. It was more than that. This guy Chip, who we’d met for about 30 minutes, convinced lots of journalists he’s as charming as Cary Grant as funny as Johnny Carson as smart as Albert Einstein as wily as Machiavelli as strong-willed as Winston… Read More »

The good & not so good about Chip Kelly

Link to my column about Chip Kelly. Text below: Chip Kelly is a blow-your-brains-out-your-ears exciting hire. It instantly makes the 49ers interesting and worth watching and talking about. It makes you take them seriously. It is the most dramatic hire the coach-needy 49ers could have made. It also could be a good hire. Or not. What’s good about Kelly? (I have this insane urge to call him the Chipster.) He has a flat-out innovative offense. One of a kind. Worked… Read More »

49ers & Tom Coughlin

Of course Tom Coughlin would be a good coach for the 9ers. Very good choice. Better than Hue Jackson. But it’s curious the 9ers asked permission to speak to him. It must mean they don’t think they’ll get Jackson, who’s hot at the moment. It must mean Jackson and others don’t see Santa Clara as a desirable destination, that goes double for the 9ers. Coughlin has won two Super Bowls. He may be a Hall of Fame coach. But he’s… Read More »

Beware of Hue Jackson

My Sunday 9ers column about coaching candidate Hue Jackson. Full text below: Note to 49ers: Beware of Hue Jackson. Jackson may be frontrunner in the 49ers’ head coaching search. Chip Kelly may be frontrunner. Rumors swirl. Today’s column is about Jackson, possibly the world’s biggest phony. If Kelly remains a candidate, more on him later. Easy to see why the Niners like Jackson. Smart offensive coach. The Niners need a coach with offensive smarts. You saw what happened this season,… Read More »

Why Kaepernick must leave town

Link to my Thursday column. Text below: Repeat after me. Colin Kaepernick is an illusion. He’s also a mirage and a pleasant dream that vanishes when you wake up. He’s all smoke and mirrors and special effects. No reality. No substance. I’m not talking about him as a person. I’m talking about him as a quarterback. The greatest quarterback illusion in the NFL. I was on TV the other night. It was after Jed York’s news conference. They had a… Read More »