In honor of Dwight Clark

Hello, everyone. Here is my column on the great Dwight Clark. To read it, click here

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John Lynch

What are John Lynch's bona fides as a GM? What are Jed York's as an owner?

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No one can fire Jed York, Jed says

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Jed York should fire Jed York

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Gutless 49ers, fire everyone

To read my column about the 49ers latest collapse, this time against the hapless Jets, click here.

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Kaepernick, fraud quarterback

To read my column on Colin Kaepernick, such as he is, click here.

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Kaepernick and Fidel Castro

Just read this column from a Miami columnist about Kaepernick's shallowness and ignorance. To read it click here.

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York 49ers dishonor Eddie 49ers

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Homage to Eddie D.

To read my column on Ed DeBartolo click here.

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Why 49ers will beat Patriots

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