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Was Kaepernick a gentleman?

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Colin Kaepernick. The full text runs below: If the 49ers were a movie, their offseason would be titled “Niners Gone Wild.” No need to catalog all the wildness. Better to focus on the leading character in the movie. Colin Kaepernick. Quarterback. Face of the franchise. It’s not the intention of this column to discuss his legal issues — if there even are legal issues. So much is vague and unrevealed. To… Read More »

Aldon Smith and caution

Lots of people are dumping on Aldon Smith right now, saying he’s a bad guy and the Niners need to dump him. Maybe that’s true and maybe that’s what will happen. But be cautious. We know very little about what he did and said at LAX today. As far as I know he’s not been arrested. Has he? I’m reading he said he had a bomb. Is that a fact? Did he literally say “I have a bomb?” Or did… Read More »

Chris Culliver has brass knuckles

KTVU is reporting Niners’ cornerback Chris Culliver got arrested. I am assuming the report is correct and I’m going from there. If the report is false, I apologize in advance. Here is a link to the KTVU story. Culliver hit a bicyclist with his car, then fled the scene. Felony. Another driver saw the hit and run and followed Culliver in his car and tried to hem him in. Culliver grabbed a set of brass knuckles and threatened the second… Read More »

Eagles release DeSean Jackson

The Eagles just released DeSean Jackson. Amazing. He really can play and he’s exactly the fast wide receiver the 49ers need. Somehow I doubt the Niners will be contacting him. I’m linking to an article from NJ.com which explores Jackson’s possible gang affiliations and more. These off-field activities may be why the Eagles cut him free. Here is the link. P.S. You actually need to click inside the blog post to activate the link. I have no idea how it works.

49ers disappoint local kids

Here is a link to my Thursday column which explains how the 49ers let down youth soccer players in Santa Clara. The full column runs below: The San Francisco 49ers are a good football team, but they are a bad neighbor. Just ask the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League. Just ask the kids. The 49ers dumped the kids and then dumped on them. You need to visualize this. As you drive over to Levi’s Stadium where the 49ers will play… Read More »

Could 49ers use DeSean Jackson?

Rumor-like stories are emerging that the Eagles may be open to trading wideout DeSean Jackson for a third-round pick and the Niners may be interested. Should the Niners be interested? Heck, yeah. Jackson is the fast receiver who can run deep. They don’t have a receiver like that. If the Niners can get Jackson, they should.

Kaepernick according to Cohn yet again

There seems to be a firestorm caused by what I wrote about Colin Kaepernick. Oh my. If the column got you worked up, take a workout at the gym or go for a walk in nature. Even Kap’s mom, who seems nice, got into the act. Here is what the Niners should do about Kap and his contract. 1. They should not negotiate an extension now. 2. They should make him play next season according to his contract, for slighly… Read More »

Now Kaepernick wants $20 million

Now Kaepernick wants $20 million a year. That’s according to Jason La Canfora. Maybe tomorrow Kaepernick will want $25 million a year. He wants this based on such a small body of work. Kind of a head scratcher. This is the QB who said out loud he would not make lavish salary demands. Do you think he’s worth this dough? To read La Canfora’s article click here.

Kaepernick salary demand out of line

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Colin Kaepernick’s salary demand. The full column runs below: Colin Kaepernick is not an attractive personality. Usually he doesn’t say jack. And that’s not attractive. When he says jack — and more — he’s even less attractive. Take what the Boston Globe is reporting about Kaepernick. He wants a contract extension from the 49ers. He wants a big-money contract extension. He wants Jay Cutler money. He wants Tony Romo money. He… Read More »

Lowell’s hunches about Jim Harbaugh

I am in the desert in baseball world, far removed from the 49ers. I am reading about them. Mostly people on my blog dismiss the reports — now there are several — that the Niners and Browns talked a Harbaugh trade. Fans want to believe everything is peachy on the Niners. And things may be. But I’m talking from experience, from how I know news works, from how I know teams work. My gut feeling — I’m going on nothing… Read More »