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Geep Chryst 49ers offensive coordinator

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the 49ers reportedly hiring Geep Chryst as offensive coordinator. The full text runs below: Geep Chryst won the Battle of the Rejects. The Rejects are the 49ers. Chryst, it is being reported, will become the 49ers offensive coordinator basically because no other sap wanted the job. Chryst is offensive coordinator by default, by lack of interest. Let’s win one for the Geeper. Former 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, no world beater… Read More »

Jim Tomsula babbles

Here is a link to my Sunday column about Jim Tomsula, babbler. The full text runs below: I used to feel a certain way about the Nobel Prize when Al Davis ran the Raiders. If the Nobel committee offered me the Nobel Prize for Literature but said I never again could cover the Raiders, I would turn down the prize. That’s how much of a hoot they were. Al showing his kiss-off letter to Lane Kiffin on the overhead projector… Read More »

Matt Maiocco and me

I was feeling worried about Matt Maiocco. Every time I turned on the radio or watched CSN BayArea he was saying Tomsula might be Niners coach, don’t forget Tomsula. I thought Matt had lost his mind, or maybe a source was leading him astray. I really was worried about Matt. We are good friends, worked together for years at the PD. The crib my two grandkids slept in was the crib Matt’s daughters slept in. There always is a part… Read More »

Raiders hit, Niners miss

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about the Raiders great hiring and the Niners joke hiring. The full text runs below: The Raiders got rid of the untalented guy, the ordinary guy and hired someone special. The 49ers got rid of someone special and hired the untalented guy, the ordinary guy. It almost reads like an equation, and the equation means the Raiders are on the way up and the Niners are going down. To complete the equation… Read More »

Niners hire puppet Tomsula

It is being reported the 49ers have hired Jim Tomsula, the puppet, as their new head coach. What a joke? If this is true they went from Jim Harbaugh to Harbaugh’s underling who couldn’t even rise to defensive coordinator. Double joke.

Todd Bowles, yes or no?

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Todd Bowles, a hot head-coaching prospect in the NFL and who may or may not be on the 49ers’ radar. The full text runs below: Bio of safety Todd Bowles from the 49ers’ 1991 media guide: “Durable, intelligent, wily veteran. Acts as coach on the field.” If things break right for Bowles with the 49ers, he may not merely act as the coach on the field. He may be the coach… Read More »

Jed York or Mark Davis, you make the call

Here is a link to my Sunday column which asks the eternal question, Who is a better owner Mark Davis or Jed York? The full text runs below: Who is a better team owner, Jed York or Mark Davis? Both are in the news. Both are searching for new head coaches. So, if you were a head-coaching aspirant, which owner would you rather work for? At first, the answer seems obvious. A new coach would rather team up with Jed… Read More »

Ixnay on Mike Shanahan for 49ers & Raiders

Here is a link to my Friday column about Mike Shanahan. The full text runs below: Mike Shanahan is apparently in play at the 49ers and Raiders. We’re talking candidate for their head-coaching vacancies. Bad idea times two. Shanahan was an almost-great coach in his day. He won two Super Bowls in Denver when he had John Elway running the show. After Elway retired, Shanahan was not so special. He bombed in Washington. That has been documented. “Dismal” is a… Read More »

49ers’ search for new coach, kind of

Here is a link to my Sunday column about the 49ers’ search for a new coach. The full text runs below: Tomsula me no Tomsulas. Vic me no Fangios. Rex me no Ryans. Mike me no Shanahans. Adam me no Gases. What in the world are the 49ers thinking? Reports circulate on the internet and in the papers that the 49ers have interviewed, or will interview or hope to interview a cast of thousands for their vacant head-coaching job. There… Read More »

Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman and the big myth

I keep reading from tweeters and blog comment posters that the real issue between Harbaugh the 49ers was that Harbaugh would not fire Roman. How do people know that? I don’t even know that. I believe the issue was much deeper than Roman and had to do with Harbaugh and Jed York. I kind of marvel at fans who write with authority when they lack authority. When Harbaugh got a chance, he cut ties with Roman immediately. What does that… Read More »