Bonds’ records stand

Bud Selig announced he will allow Barry Bonds' records to stand. It's what the commish had to do. If he disallowed Bonds' records, he'd have to get into the awful business of disallowing the numbers of other players like Mark McGwire and baseball would turn into a bigger mess than [...]

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Barry Bonds and my conscience

Many of you have written into the Cohn Zohn today discussing my column about Barry Bonds -- I wrote why I will vote for him for the Hall of Fame. Most of you disagree with me and I understand why. I'd like to discuss that but before I start I [...]

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More Bonds

My friend Jeff Fletcher wrote this blog about the Barry Bonds verdict, also saying he will vote for the cheater Bonds when he's eligible for the Hall of Fame. His reasons are different from mine, but we reach the same conclusion. It is always a pleasure to hear from Jeff [...]

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I will vote for Bonds for Hall of Fame

As most of you know I am not a fan of Barry Bonds -- I actually consider him a disgusting person. And I believe he did everything the prosecution accused him of. But I will vote for him for baseball's Hall of Fame. The jury in his federal case got [...]

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No verdict yet for Bonds

The jury has a verdict on some of the charges against Barry Bonds, but not all of them. So the trial continues. Personal note: I no longer am covering the trial. We are dealing with a  family matter, and the Press Democrat has kindly allowed me to attend to it. [...]

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Bonds, the dentist and me

The Press Democrat just posted my Tuesday column. It's about Barry Bonds, not that anything happened at the trial today which was a dud in terms of news value. But I wrote about my dentist appointment and some curious testimony the jury heard on a reread including the word bellybutton [...]

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Bonds update — no update

So far no decision in the Bonds trial. The jury is scheduled to knock off today at 3:30.  If this were a sporting event I'd wonder -- just asking -- which is the home team and which is the visitors. What's the mood in the jury room? If they get [...]

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Bonds and his personal shopper

Let me see if I understand this. Kathy Hoskins, whose testimony they reread to the jury this morning, was employed as Barry Bonds personal shopper. Really? You mean people actually have personal shoppers? It's like you want a Big Mac but instead of getting it yourself you tell this person [...]

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Hoskins’ testimony — the important part

 Here is what they are reading in court right now. In her testimony, Kathy Hoskins recalled this scene from Bonds’ house. Bonds said to  Greg Anderson: ‘When I call you, you need to be up here.’ They were in the bedroom while Hoskins packed for a Bonds’ road trip. Bonds [...]

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Dirty pictures?

I am in court now and they are rereading the Kathy Hoskins testimony as Bonds sits there his right hand under his chin. Unless I'm mistaken they just read that Bonds showed Hoskins photos of scantily-clad women on his computer. I could be wrong about that but I don't think [...]

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