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More Ryan Braun

I’m sitting in my dining room rereading Ryan Braun’s weasel remarks about his suspension, remarks in which he never admits exactly what he did wrong. The line that really kills me is — “I wish to apologize to anyone I may have disappointed.” May have disappointed? What a nerve. This implies he may not have disappointed people, that hordes of normal citizens are in favor of drug cheating and lying and being a total fraud. May have disappointed, indeed. Baseball… Read More »

Ryan Braun liar, hypocrite

We discussed Ryan Braun on Yahoo! Sports Talk Live yesterday. Such a phony and fraud. Last year after he failed a drug test, he got off on a technicality, nailing some poor urine specimen collector on a chain of delivery screwup or something like that. Then Brawn went all angelic and said he was innocent. Except he wasn’t. Now Braun is banned the rest of the season and he deserves it. After the TV show, I was driving home on… Read More »

A philosopher discusses Lance Armstrong and the culture of lying

Many decades ago when I was a graduate student in the Stanford English Department, I met and shared an office with another English graduate student, Bill Gairdner. He is five years older than I am and in many ways has been a big brother to me. He was a decathlete, the best in Canada and one of the best in the world and he competed in the 1964 Olympics. Now, he is a political philosopher coming at political issues from… Read More »

A further further note on Barry Bonds

I’ve been reading the comments on my blog about Barry Bonds and I’ve been reading lots of other stuff and I’ve been listening to the radio. One theme emerges: There is something wrong with the voting for the Hall of Fame. And the thing that is wrong is the voters. Sports writers are lousing everything up. That may indeed be the case. I never asked to be a voter. The job comes with being a baseball writer. I do my… Read More »

Barry Bonds — a note

Some readers of this blog — and some sports fans in general — have expressed outrage that Barry Bonds flopped on his first Hall of Fame ballot. Bruce Jenkins of the Chron said the Hall of Fame is ludicrous without Bonds. I didn’t vote for Bonds. I don’t feel ludicrous. I don’t think the voters are ludicrous. I didn’t vote for Bonds because I don’t want to condone cheating. I do not vote for cheaters and I believe Bonds was… Read More »

No on Sosa, Clemens and Bonds

I wrote a column for Sunday on how I will vote this year for three baseball players in particular on the Hall of Fame ballot. Here is the opening to my column: I am looking at three names on baseball’s Hall of Fame ballot, recently mailed to me. The three names are Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa. Those three names fill me with varying degrees of disgust. I will not vote for any of them. I dismiss all… Read More »

Punish teams for drug cheaters

Monte Poole and I were talking about Bartolo Colon on Comcast the other night. Monte said, for drug penalties to have real meaning, MLB also should penalize the teams. I agreed and I agree. Right now, teammates tacitly condone drug cheaters. If they don’t condone them, they sure don’t condemn them. They see cheaters as aiding their own careers and aiding the team. After the Colon fiasco, Billy Beane and Bob Melvin talked matter of factly about losing him —… Read More »

Et tu Bartolo (Colon)

The latest clown to be suspended for testosterone is the A’s Bartolo Colon. His was another feel-good story until we learned it and he were frauds. At this rate, the A’s and Giants may run out of players to drug suspensions. Hey, do you think performance-enhancing drugs are rampant in baseball? Not a chance.

Melky Cabrera gets in more trouble

In a moment I will link to an article that, as far as I can tell, is strictly on the level. The New York Daily News is reporting that Melky Cabrera knew the authorities were on to his drug cheating, so he and some of his people endeavored to set up a phony website which, he could claim, sold him the testosterone which he “accidentally” took. The authorities cracked this lie pretty quickly, putting Melky even more in the soup.… Read More »