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Correct for Warriors to stand pat?

Here is a link to my Sunday column which discusses the Warriors decision to stand pat at the trading deadline. The full text runs below: OAKLAND Teams usually make news by doing something. The Warriors just made news by doing nothing. The Warriors didn’t mess with their team. On Thursday, the NBA trading deadline came and went, and the Warriors watched it come and go and waved it goodbye. Not interested. The Warriors have needs. Don’t kid yourself. They could… Read More »

Steph Curry vs. Steve Kerr

Here is a link to my Friday column about the Stephen Curry-Steve Kerr free-throw shootout. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — The pressure is on Steve Kerr and he knows it. He stands at the foul line at the Warriors gym. To tie Stephen Curry in their free-throw contest, with the coaches and players and reporters watching, he has to nail this shot. Swish and the game will continue. Hit the rim, he is a loser. Miss entirely —… Read More »

Stephen Curry, good guy

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about Stephen Curry. The full text runs below: Stephen Curry is the most likable superstar in the NBA. He may be the most likable superstar in any sport on the planet. First a disclaimer. I should have written, “From what we know about Curry, he’s the most likable superstar.” Journalists know only a certain amount about a player, only what a player portrays to them. So, there are limits to the knowledge.… Read More »

The benefits of Warriors upcoming road trip

Here  is a link to my Thursday column about the Warriors and their upcoming monster road trip. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Exchange between Steve Kerr and me before the Warriors’ 128-114 victory over the Dallas Mavericks: Me: You win a lot of games with big margins. Sometimes, it’s easy. Sometimes, it’s blowouts. But you win a lot of games fairly easily. Is there any downside to that? Before answering, Kerr laughed. Actually, he broke up, his man-boy’s… Read More »

Harrison Barnes comes on strong

Here is a link to my Monday column about Harrison Barnes. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — When Steve Kerr became coach of the Warriors, he told Harrison Barnes there was hope. Barnes did not play well last season, his second in the league. Kerr told Barnes he approached the game wrong, had become a one-on-one player on offense, an “iso” player — trying to isolate himself against the man guarding him. Barnes would pump fake and make all… Read More »

Warriors’ defense is Godzilla

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the Warriors’ new and improved D. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Remember when Stephen Curry made Russell Westbrook look doofus-like Monday night? There was Curry’s behind-the-back dribble. There was Westbrook frozen like a marble statue. There was Curry driving to the hoop for the easy layup. Well, forget that play. What you saw merely was the end of things — and you’ve seen Curry do it a million times.… Read More »

New improved Warriors

Here is a link to my Thursday column about the Warriors. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Are the Warriors improved from last year? Does gravity make things fall down? You bet they’re improved. Their record is 15-2, and coming into tonight’s game against New Orleans, the Warriors have won 10 in a row. Yes, 10. So, the first question — are they improved? — morphs into two questions: How improved are they? Why have they improved? They are… Read More »

On the Warriors’ non-draft

Here is a link to my column on the Warriors’ non-draft. The full text runs below. OAKLAND — The Warriors did nothing on Thursday night. That means they whiffed on the NBA draft — that exercise in loud talking you watched on ESPN. Why did the Warriors have no picks? They had a first-round pick, but surrendered it a year ago in the Andre Iguodala multi-team, hold-your-nose trade. They had a second-rounder but gave it up to get Nemanja Nedovic… Read More »

Kevin Love and the Warriors

Here is a link to my Thursday column. The full text runs below: Thursday night is the NBA draft. The Warriors have no picks, but that could change. We can say with certainty the Warriors will choose a player tonight or they won’t. You read it here first. The big news – well, the big rumor – is they want Minnesota’s Kevin Love. Let’s keep going with this rumor stuff a moment. It’s not true to say “they” want Love.… Read More »

Jim Barnett back on Warriors games

Here is a link to my Monday column about the wonderful return of Jim Barnett as TV analyst of all Warriors games. The full text runs below: A funny thing happened to Jim Barnett on the way to retirement. The Warriors unretired him. The unretirement took place a few weeks ago. The Warriors, who wanted to replace Barnett as TV analyst, decided not to replace Barnett. So, all praise to the Warriors. Barnett turns 70 next month and it seems… Read More »