Draymond Green, phony tough guy?

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Warriors-Thunder Game 2 preview

To read my preview column click here. Note: Please tell me if this comes through. The PD has a new server and I have no idea if I'm linking correctly.

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Warriors close out Blazers. What a game.

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Curry MVP and the skippiest

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Why Warriors lost Game 3

Horrendous defense. That's why the Warriors lost. One of their worst defensive performances in a long time. They are an elite defensive team. Forget it in Game 3. Portland played tough in Game 2 but the Warriors held them to 12 in the 4th quarter and won. Not tonight. The [...]

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Comparing the Warriors and the (good) 49ers

Click here for my column on the Warriors and 49ers, when they were good.

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Warriors beat Blazers in Game 2

Click here for my column on Game 2. If there are lapses of logic or grammar or if there's just plain gibberish in this column, I can well understand it. I was writing two separate columns on my screen -- Warriors win, Warriors lose -- until they finally took the [...]

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At Oracle Arena

Got here an hour ago. Real early because A's also playing and there was danger of not getting a parking space. Can you imagine this call to my editor: "Sorry, couldn't cover Playoff Game 2 because I was a slug and got there late and there were no parking spaces [...]

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Rating the Warriors, in a sense

The Warriors have three players in the NBA top-10: Curry, Green, Thompson. Bogut is not a top-10 player but he is one of the best centers in the league and critical to the Warriors success. If there is a better core of players in the league, I don't know it.

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Andrew Bogut is a dirty word

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