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Warriors set record

Here’s a link to my column about the Warriors 16th straight win. The full text runs below. OAKLAND — The Warriors are the best. Tuesday night, they won their sixteenth game in a row to start this new season. Sixteen without a loss. Best start in National Basketball Association history. The game itself was nothing, an easy 111-77 blowout of the Lakers. When the Warriors walked to their locker room, they didn’t whoop and holler. “We said, ‘Congratulations,’ ” Festus Ezeli… Read More »

Festus Ezeli, hoops prodigy

Here is a link to my column on Festus Ezeli. The full text runs below: OAKLAND “I’ve read a lot about you,” I told Warriors center Festus Ezeli. “I could pass a test.” “What city am I from in Nigeria?” Wow, I didn’t expect that one. “Ahh!” he said laughing at me, “Benin City.” “I flunked,” I said. “It’s all right. It’s a long test.” “Are there essay questions?” “There’s a few.” That was my introduction to Ezeli, smart, playful,… Read More »

Warriors beat Clippers

Here is a link to my column about the Warriors-Clippers game. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — The Warriors won it in the fourth quarter. Important detail that one. They are not used to playing from behind. Why should they be? They murder everyone. But they entered the fourth quarter trailing by a point and then they fell further behind. A good thing, to tell the truth. Wins don’t always come easily in the NBA. A good team —… Read More »

Warriors win

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the Warriors home opener. The full text runs below: OAKLAND The Warriors embarked on defense of their NBA title by murdering the New Orleans Pelicans 111-95. They turned the Pelicans into common sparrows. Or was it pigeons? Stephen Curry scored 40 points, mostly because he is flat-out great, and also because the Pelican-Sparrows could not guard him in a million years. There was Curry nailing 3s, Curry driving the lane, Curry… Read More »

Steve Kerr, Luke Walton & the Warriors

Here is a link to my column previewing the Warriors opener. The full text runs below: OAKLAND The grownup who, from afar, looks like a kid was sitting at the edge of the practice court. The world-champ Golden State Warriors were shooting and practicing moves to the hoop, and the kid-adult, wearing a T-shirt, looked on. He had a smile on his face. He usually wears a smile, but he should have been on the court. In charge. He is… Read More »

Warriors take Looney

Here is a link to my Warriors draft column. This is the last column I write for a month, but I will be blogging and tweeting some of the time. The full text of this column runs below: OAKLAND — As a minor footnote to the 2015 draft, the NBA champion Golden State Warriors drafted Kevon Looney with the 30th and final pick of the first round. You pronounce his first name Ke-VON, in case you didn’t know. He was… Read More »

Draymond Green should apologize

You’ve seen the clip by now, Draymond Green probably drunk at the parade, saying the Cavaliers “suck.” Everyone says silly things when they’re drunk. So this is no knock on Green. A couple of things, though. The Cavs do not suck. They made it to the finals and they made it injured, and they played the Warriors tough. Their best player is LeBron James and he most definitely does not suck. So Green is wrong. It is poor sportsmanship to… Read More »