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Warriors prepare for Game 4

Here is a link to my Saturday Warriors column. The full text runs below: NEW ORLEANS — Allow me to introduce Ron Adams. He is an assistant coach for the Warriors, the coach in charge of defense. In football he would be defensive coordinator. He is older than other coaches on Steve Kerr’s staff. He is an elder statesman of coaches — emphasis on the statesman. He is the wise older man Kerr needs. He is deeply respected throughout the… Read More »

Warriors take commanding lead

Here is a link to my Friday column about the Warriors’ win in Game 3. This game changed so fast and my deadline was so tight I hope this came out in English. The full text runs below: NEW ORLEANS — You could feel the fear in the Pelicans. They were ready to choke. They would embrace choking. You could feel the fear in their crowd. The fear was palpable. It was a thing, a monster lurking. The Pelicans went… Read More »

Preview Game 3 Warriors-Pelicans

Here is a link to my Thursday column previewing Game 3 between the Warriors and Pelicans. The full text runs below: METAIRIE, La. — The New Orleans Pelicans, bless their young souls, are grasping at straws. Or maybe they’re whistling past the graveyard. They’re sure doing something that smells of desperation and surrender. Even if they don’t mean to. They are a good team, a team on the rise, a team with a fine coach — Monty Williams. A team… Read More »

Warriors win Game 2

Here is a link to my column on the Warriors’ win in Game 2. The full text runs below: OAKLAND – And it was loud. Loud the whole time. Loud before the Warriors won 97-87. Loud after. It was loud because of Monty Williams, coach of the Pelicans. He opened his mouth Monday morning at his team’s shootaround, said, “I’m not so sure the decibel level is legal (at Oracle Arena), and I’m serious. They’ve done studies on that. For… Read More »

The Warriors have big biceps

Here is a link to my Monday column about the Warriors’ biceps. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Warriors players flex their muscles. Not all Warriors. Mostly Draymond Green and Stephen Curry make muscles after a big play. They stand on the court in front of the screaming home crowd and bring their hands toward their heads making their biceps rise. They hold the pose like a couple of Arnold Schwarzeneggers when he used to body build. You’ve seen… Read More »

Warriors tougher than Pelicans

Here is a link to my Sunday column about the Warriors’ win in Game 1 vs. the Pelicans. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Andrew Bogut was bordering on downhearted. The Warriors had just defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 106-99 in the first game of their playoff series. Bogut should have been happy, running-around-the-locker-room-with-a-lampshade-on-his-head happy. No way. “Most of the guys will be going home thinking about this one,” he lamented. “We didn’t finish it off right. We have… Read More »

Warriors-Pelicans preview, sort of

Here is a link to my Friday column about Draymond Green and Anthony Davis. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — Draymond Green took offense. Took offense right there in the Warriors’ gym on Thursday afternoon. I asked him about Anthony Davis, the guy they call Unibrow, the best player on the New Orleans Pelicans, the man Green will guard starting Saturday in the playoffs. Eavesdrop on our conversation. “Do you know Anthony Davis?” I asked — innocently, I thought.… Read More »

Warriors’ odds

Bovada is quoting odds for NBA title. Warriors and Cleveland are co-favorites at 11/5. Pelicans are third from bottom at 150/1. That doesn’t sound so good for New Orleans.

The Warriors’ three superstars.

Here is an early link to my Thursday Warriors column. The full text runs below: On their way to bigger things — they hope — the Golden State Warriors clinched the Pacific Division title Tuesday night in Portland. First time they won the division in 39 years. The Warriors may be the best team in the NBA. The playoffs will have something to say about that. The Warriors may win the league championship. It’s certainly possible. Maybe even probable. And… Read More »

Ranking Warriors starters

Here is my personal ranking of the Warriors starters from most important to least important. They all are important, of course. I’m just ranking them. Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Draymond Green Andrew Bogut Harrison Barnes