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Stephen Curry runs

Steve Kerr just answered the required Stephen Curry status questions and here’s what he said. “I just saw him in the locker room. He said he’s feeling good.” Will he play? “I assume so. The only thing that would keep him from playing is if he goes out and warms up and comes in and says he’s not feeling well, but I don’t anticipate that. He said he woke up this morning feeling like he did yesterday which is a… Read More »

Ron Adams speaks

Ron Adams, the Warriors assistant coach in charge of defense and the Socrates of all hoops coaches, has written a guest column for The PD which runs Sunday. He talks about the defense and the mindset going into Game 4.

War of Words: Rockets vs. Warriors

This I read on ESPN.com. After the Rockets beat the Warriors, Houston GM Daryl Morey sent out two tweets. In one he accused Andrew Bogut of getting Dwight Howard in an arm bar submission lock. In another tweet he said Draymond Green used a takedown move against Michael Beasley. Morey obviously is a fan of MMA. And he continues to show that this playoff series is played in the virtual world while it’s also played on the court. Morey said… Read More »

Kerr on why Curry won’t play

Steve Kerr just explained why Curry will not play tonight: “We talked to him after shootaround. He felt pretty good. He wanted to play. But ultimately we didn’t feel comfortable after four straight days of inactivity, throwing him into the middle of a playoff game not knowing how the ankle would respond. We felt a lot more comfortable putting him through a three-on-three tomorrow, probably a five-on-five on Saturday and really seeing if he’s OK or not. Wasn’t worth the… Read More »