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Warriors take Looney

Here is a link to my Warriors draft column. This is the last column I write for a month, but I will be blogging and tweeting some of the time. The full text of this column runs below: OAKLAND — As a minor footnote to the 2015 draft, the NBA champion Golden State Warriors drafted Kevon Looney with the 30th and final pick of the first round. You pronounce his first name Ke-VON, in case you didn’t know. He was… Read More »

Draymond Green should apologize

You’ve seen the clip by now, Draymond Green probably drunk at the parade, saying the Cavaliers “suck.” Everyone says silly things when they’re drunk. So this is no knock on Green. A couple of things, though. The Cavs do not suck. They made it to the finals and they made it injured, and they played the Warriors tough. Their best player is LeBron James and he most definitely does not suck. So Green is wrong. It is poor sportsmanship to… Read More »

Warriors on the verge

Here is a link to my column about the Warriors’ win in Game 5. The full text runs below: OAKLAND The Warriors are going to win this series in six games. The Warriors better win this series in six games. After winning Game 5 104-91, the Warriors have made Tuesday night’s game in Cleveland a classic elimination game for Cleveland. Do or die. Win or limp into the offseason. Eliminate the Cavs on Tuesday is what the Warriors are ready… Read More »

Warriors coming on

Here is a link to my Sunday column, a preview of Game 5 between Warriors and Cavs. The full text runs below: You feel it. Something huge has shifted in the NBA Finals. Use the tectonic-plates metaphor and imagine parts of the Earth moving. Moving in the Warriors’ favor. Until Game 4, the finals were all wrong. For the Warriors. Too close for comfort. Closer than necessary. The Warriors were down 2-1 to an inferior team. No offense intended. Not… Read More »

Steve Kerr is brilliant

Here is a link to my Friday column about Game 4 betwee Warriors and Cavs.The full text runs below: CLEVELAND — This is an homage to Steve Kerr. Pure praise. What he did on Thursday night, what he did to change the NBA Finals, to change the finals in midcourse, was daring, brazen and brilliant. The Warriors players won the game 103-82. But the hero of the game, and almost certainly the hero of these finals, is Kerr. He had… Read More »

Game 4 preview: Warriors-Cavs

Here is a link to my Thursday column previewing Game 4 between the Warriors and Cavs. The full text runs below: CLEVELAND — Steve Kerr came to the off-day interview room. Wednesday session previewing Game 4. He looked calm, was occasionally ironic, but his face was pale and his manner tired as if Dracula had spent the night attached to Kerr’s jugular. Steve Kerr has lots to prove. He must prove he can out-coach Cleveland’s David Blatt, something he is… Read More »

Can Warriors say yes?

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about Warriors-Cavaliers Game 3. The full text runs below: CLEVELAND This is a great opportunity for the Warriors. Seriously. No irony intended. The Warriors have a chance to become the right kind of team. After losing to the Cavaliers 96-91, after losing two games in a row in these NBA Finals and falling behind 2-1, it’s clear the Warriors are not the right kind of team. They need to grow into the… Read More »

Playful/grumpy Steve Kerr

Here is some Q&A with Steve Kerr from this morning’s shootaround. He alternates between playful and grumpy. Is Curry healthy after he took that fall? “He’s fine physically. Shots come and go. No one would say a word if it was the regular season. He’ll make them.” On the team’s shot selection in Game 2: “We spent a large part of that game taking bad shots. I thought we took some quick shots. There’s some things we can do to… Read More »

Cavaliers beat Warriors Game 2

Here is a link to my Monday column about Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The full text runs below: OAKLAND A funny thing happened to the Warriors on their way to the NBA championship. They lost to the Cavaliers 95-93 in Game 2 of the Finals, lost even though Cleveland is shorthanded. Shorthanded doesn’t begin to tell the story. The Cavs don’t have stars Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving and won’t have them. And they still beat the intact… Read More »