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Lowell meets Lowell

This is a Lowell meets Lowell story. There are very few of those. It’s just that the 49ers have in camp an undrafted rookie cornerback named Lowell Rose. Be still my heart. In my whole life, I’ve met one, maybe two, Lowells. I’ve been a lonely man. I asked the 49ers public relations department if they could set up a one on one with Lowell Rose and they kindly arranged it. They were pretty clever about the whole thing. They… Read More »

The fat wallet

The other day when I was home — I hardly remember what it’s like to be home — anyway the other day I took out my wallet. Grant saw it and said, “Dad, that’s a fat wallet.” I never had thought of my wallet as fat. But I looked at it and, yes, it is fat. Grant said the new style of wallet is slim. He showed me his, wafer thin. Since then I’ve peeked at my friends’ wallets when… Read More »

Lowell’s Buckner moment

I’m stuck in old Cincinnati today. If the Cards win tonight, I fly home Saturday. If the Nationals win, I fly to D.C. Mrs. Cohn Zohn is very understanding — she knows what a sports writer’s life is like. Right now, I’m washing my clothes in the hotel laundry. I ran out of underwear and Guillermo Mota spilled a bottle of champagne on my sweater which smells like the Moet and Chandon Winery. So I’m washing the sweater on the… Read More »

Lowell apologizes

Many Zohn readers and Press Democrat readers are angry at me because I wrote off the Giants when they lost the first two games at home. I was dead wrong. But please don’t be angry. I merely was mistaken — and remember what the Giants did was unprecedented. Wrong is different from immoral or being a bad person. I’ve been wrong millions of times in the past and expect to be wrong a million more. But if you want to… Read More »

Lowell’s next big adventure

So, Grant and I fly out early Friday morning for New York. That means I’m taking my son to where I grew up, although we won’t go to Brooklyn on this trip. On Friday night we’re meeting my friend Stuie, a retired New York City high school English teacher — we met when we were nine — and we’re going to Sammy’s Noodle House on 6th Avenue, kind of a tradition. Saturday, I want to take Grant to a Broadway… Read More »

Why Lowell is gentler with the Raiders than the 49ers

Several Zohn readers have written comments wanting to know why I am more gentle in my comments about the Raiders than the 49ers. This is a correct and astute observation which I am obliged to address. I’ll do my best. The Raiders are starting over. They are trying to emerge from decades of doing things a certain way, a way that no longer works. The degree of difficulty Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen face is astonishing. I have no idea… Read More »

A personal note

I’m writing this personal note in the press box as I wait for Grant to finish his 49ers grades before we drive home. I’m not working Monday because it’s Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Actually, it became Rosh Hashanah tonight at dusk but I’m here writing, so there are many contradictions in what I do. When I was a kid, my family always celebrated the Jewish New Year. We didn’t go to synagogue although we were members of an… Read More »

What I learned on the Cohn Zohn

This is what I recently learned on the Cohn Zohn and on my son’s blog where people also refer to me. I am too old for my job and should retire. I am the wrong religion and someone should light me on fire because of that. I don’t know anything about sports. I am a bad writer. I am stupid. I am rude to other guests on Comcast and should be banned from the show. I am ugly. I am… Read More »

Lowell on Comcast

I will appear on Comcast tonight after the Giants game — lots to talk about including that strange Raiders’ opener. After my marathon day on Monday, I slept most of today, just got out of my pajamas at 4 pm. Wow. If you see someone dozing off on the Comcast set, that will be me.