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Why Deion Sanders needs to shut up and Jay Cutler got a bad rap

Here is my Tuesday column on the big Jay Cutler controversy, on why Cutler got an unfair rap as a wuss by players and fans when he didn’t play most of the second half on Sunday. I also take a shot at Deion Sanders who took a shot at Cutler. I also take a shot at tweeters who sometimes can be unfair, especially when they shoot from the hip, as it were, and don’t know the facts. I believe —… Read More »

Aaron Rodgers vs. Brett Favre

It’s so obvious now. The Packers did the right thing to commit to Aaron Rodgers and not to commit to Brett Favre. Clearly, Rodgers is a better QB now and has been for a while. The Packers looked into the future and realized Rodgers would be the QB of the future and Favre would be the QB of the past and it would happen fast. Rodgers is one of the elite QBs in the league. In addtion, Favre played way… Read More »

Seahawks and homefield advantage

A lot of people were saying the Seattle Seahawks did not deserve home-field advantage in the playoffs. They had a losing record and a team with a losing record can’t host a team with a winning record in the first round. Some people wanted to change the rules or make a codicil where a team with a losing record, even if it won its division, couldn’t host. Nuts to that. You don’t just change rules. If you win the division… Read More »