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Face of the A’s or not

Here is a link to my Sunday column about the A’s. The full text runs below: MESA, Ariz. — Picture Sonny Gray standing at his locker in the brand-new clubhouse of the A’s brand-new spring ballpark. I go up to him. I say: “A bunch of writers last night had dinner together. We were saying on the Giants the face of the team is Buster Posey. And we were saying, ‘Who is the face of the A’s?’ “Some said you.… Read More »

Face of the A’s franchise

On Friday I will write a column about the A’s. I’m interested in your opinion. I can phrase the question two ways and you can address either option. 1) Which player is the face of the A’s franchise? 2) Who is the face of the A’s franchise? Feel free to answer both questions if you think there are different answers.

Brett Lawrie vs. Josh Donaldson, etc.

IN TODAY’S column I wrote about the new A’s third baseman Brett Lawrie who replaces the old third baseman Josh Donaldson. Here is a comparison of key stats the past two seasons for both of them. Games played: Donaldson in 2014, 158 games; in 2013, 158 games. Lawrie in 2014, 70 games; in 2013, 107 games. Batting average: Donaldson in 2014, .255; in 2013, .301 Lawrie in 2014, .247; in 2013, .254 Home runs: Donaldson in 2014, 29; in 2013,… Read More »

Brett Lawrie appears and he talks

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Brett Lawrie. The full text runs below: MESA, Ariz. — Brett Lawrie talks really really fast. He is a verbal fastball. And he runs his words together justlikethis. You’re standing there with him on a Wednesday morning at the Oakland A’s new clubhouse in their new stadium and he’s sitting on a chair facing his locker and you’re learning about him because this is the A’s first full-squad workout and people… Read More »

Oakland A’s in Mesa, an appreciation. And Giants notes

The A’s, as you know, moved to Mesa this year after long being in Phoenix. Their new stadium used to be the Cubs’ place, but is all spruced up. The field and stands and the whole ballpark are state of the art and beautiful. A few blocks away, they have their minor-league complex. There are so many players in camp the major-league squad also practices at the minor-league place called Fitch Park. There are several diamonds at Fitch and the… Read More »

Oakland A’s on a Wednesday

Spent Wednesday morning with the Oakland A’s at their new ballpark in Mesa and their new training facility a few minutes away. Both brand new and first class. I interviewed in order — Sonny Gray, Eric Sogard, Brett Lawrie and AJ Griffin. All were terrific. The A’s are known for having one of the best clubhouses in the bigs. If you went in there the players would treat you like a special guest. So many new faces on the A’s.… Read More »

Oakland A’s — who are these guys?

Here is a link to my Tuesday column about the Oakland A’s, whoever they are. The full text runs below: OAKLAND I went in search of a player I knew. A’s Media Day. In a fancy club at the not-so-fancy Coliseum. The players mingled. So many new faces. So many new players. A whole new team. No one wore nametags. Who’s that guy standing over there? Who’s the bearded one at the table? You got me. It felt like the… Read More »

Billy Beane betrayed Bob Melvin

Here is a link to my column about Billy Beane’s betrayal of Bob Melvin. It’s on the web now, in the PD Thursday. The full text runs below: Billy Beane continues to betray A’s manager Bob Melvin. Beane pretends he’s helping Melvin, pretends he’s getting value for players he trades away, pretends he’s remaking the team into something better. You don’t have to believe that blatant propaganda. Beane has made the team worse. He has divested the A’s of four… Read More »

The A’s just break your heart

Here is a link to my Monday column about the A’s trading Josh Donaldson. The full text runs below: Happy Holiday Season. As a special present to you, the Oakland A’s fan, your team traded its best player, Josh Donaldson, for four guys. One of the guys is shortstop Franklin Barreto who’s supposed to be the bee’s knees according to some calculation or other the Money Ball smart guys use. According to one down-to-earth calculation Barreto is 18 years old,… Read More »

A’s win World Series early

Here is a link to my Thursday column after the A’s signed Billy Butler. The full text runs below: The Oakland A’s are a great offseason team. One of the best. No club wins a pennant or a world championship in the offseason like the A’s. The A’s, under the stewardship of Billy Beane, just pulled off another major offseason coup. They signed former Royals DH Billy Butler to a three-year contract. People are falling all over themselves praising Beane… Read More »