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Kazmir wins first A’s start

Here is a link to my column about Scott Kazmir’s first start for the A’s. The full column runs below: OAKLAND Once upon a time, Scott Kazmir forgot how to pitch. On Wednesday — we’re talking the first game of a day-night doubleheader — he pitched for the Oakland A’s, made his first start after the A’s signed him in the offseason for two years at a cool $22 million. The issue facing Kazmir was simple. Would he be the… Read More »

A’s lose opener

Here is a link to my column about the A’s home opener. The full column runs below: OAKLAND — Opening night is special in baseball. In fact, it’s baseball’s specialty — opening night or opening day. Every other sport has a mere first game. Baseball has opening night. Nothing mere about that. You think of opening a book, or opening a Broadway play, or opening a new chapter of baseball. You think of openings and not closings, and you get… Read More »

Eric Sogard the face of baseball

Here is a link to my Friday column about Eric Sogard. The full text appears below: PHOENIX — This is about a special face. This is about the Face of Baseball, or Face of MLB, as Major League Baseball is calling its contest open to fan voting on Twitter. This is about the face of A’s second baseman Eric Sogard. Sogard currently is in first place in the MLB Face faceoff with 51 percent of the vote. Mets’ third baseman… Read More »

Bob Melvin, emerging superstar

Here is a link to my Monday column about Bob Melvin. The full text runs below: PHOENIX — The Bay Area has two superstar sports managers/coaches. Name them. Bruce Bochy and Jim Harbaugh. No argument allowed in either case. Bochy has won two World Series and will enter the Hall of Fame after he retires. And Harbaugh turned the 49ers from nothing into, once again, the most significant sports franchise in Northern California, perhaps in all of California. Superstars. There… Read More »

Scott Kazmir returns to pitching life

Here is a link to my Friday column about Scott Kazmir. The full text appears below: PHOENIX — One day Scott Kazmir forgot how to pitch. His rise and fall and potential re-rise are important to you. In the offseason, the A’s signed him for two years at $22 million total. And they think — well hope — he can maybe, sort of be their ace. Kazmir, a lefty, made his major-league debut for Tampa Bay in 2004 when he… Read More »

A’s preview

Here is a link to my Oakland A’s preview. The full column runs below: The A’s have won back-to-back American League West titles. They are a good team that’s probably getting better. They have a young roster, an inexpensive roster that plays with passion. They platoon players all over the place and sometimes it’s impossible to predict who’s on first — literally. For an excellent team, their roster can seem somewhat anonymous because people come and go so quickly around… Read More »

Coco Crisp signs extension and that’s good

Here is a link to my Saturday column about Coco Crisp. The full column appears below: OAKLAND — Coco Crisp wasn’t included in the printed list of attendees at Oakland A’s Media Day on Friday. Then he showed up. Between the printing of the list and the actual event, he had signed a two-year extension worth more than $22 million, and that kind of green makes a man glad to wear the green and gold and to do something extra… Read More »

Oakland A’s media day

The A’s host their media day this afternoon. I will attend. I’m looking at their roster and I’m struck by how many famous players the Giants have while the A’s roster is less well known, but maybe better. That includes pitching. Interesting.

A’s blow big chance

Here is a link to my Thursday column about Game 4 between the A’s and Tigers. The full text appears below: DETROIT Of course, the A’s blew the golden opportunity. Of course, they had Game 4 won, leading the Tigers 3-0 after 4 innings, starting pitcher Dan Straily throwing a no-hitter through four, cruising, gliding, styling. The game actually was boring, the A’s doing the same old thing, just dominating the helpless Tigers. And then, well, you know what happened.… Read More »

A’s addendum

There’s buzz going around the reason Bob Melvin didn’t discuss his Game 5 starter, if there is a Game 5, is because it may be Sonny Gray instead of Bartolo Colon. But as I say, that’s buzz which is not the same as news. Melvin never said it.