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Jed Lowrie explains

Click here to read my story on Jed Lowrie The full text runs below: LOWELL COHN THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | April 5, 2016, 6:05PM OAKLAND Just the other day, I wrote a column about baseball “explainers,” players who explain the game to fans and media. I focused on the Giants because they lost their explainer, Jeremy Affeldt, to retirement. I posited Brandon Crawford as the next explainer. Some readers suggested Javier Lopez. What about the A’s? Who is their explainer?… Read More »

Recognizing Billy Beane

Here is a link to my Friday column. The full text runs below: As local big-league baseball games dwindle to a precious few, it’s time to pay homage to the people who made a difference. Who really made a difference in this year’s baseball picture. I am not talking Madison Bumgarner or Buster Posey or Bruce Bochy. Nothing against those guys, but I’m aiming way higher. Among us we have the biggest difference-maker in baseball, a paragon, and it’s appropriate… Read More »

Oakland A’s tell the big lie

Here is a link to my Friday column about the A’s. The full text runs below: Most people around here accept the A’s big lie. Routinely accept it. Like it’s gospel. Like it’s remotely true. The A’s big lie goes like this: “We are a small-market team. We can’t afford expensive players.” The A’s are liars. The liar A’s just dumped three good players — more on the players in a moment — and most fans and many sports writers… Read More »

Rangers crush A’s

Here is a link to my column about the Rangers’ 10-1 win over the A’s. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — In a sense, Thursday’s game didn’t matter to the A’s, didn’t matter when the Texas Rangers slaughtered them 10-1. The game was over after four innings — Texas led 8-0 and kept piling on. The A’s record now is 2-2 and every A’s employee figured the team would lose at least two games this season. No need for… Read More »

A’s scoreboard redux

The A’s new scoreboard is handsome. I guess it’s state of the art. But it’s not state of baseball. The batter’s count and number of outs do not appear on the big scoreboard. Very bad. They appear somewhere else, on the ribbon board above the lower deck. To attend an A’s game is to be reading several different areas. Guys, help everyone out. Put the count and the outs on the big board where they belong.

A’s win opener. Sonny Gray is gold

Here is the link to my column about the A’s home opener. The full text runs below: OAKLAND — The old Coliseum started coming alive at 3 p.m. The grounds crew was watering the infield before batting practice, and A’s radio announcer Vince Cotroneo was sitting in the dugout saying, “Opening night is like the postseason. All those expectations.” And manager Bob Melvin walked slowly down the tunnel toward the field, walked alone. He sat next to Cotroneo. He was… Read More »

A’s preview

Here is a link to my Oakland A’s preview, plus some bonus stuff my editor put together. The full text runs below: Now playing left field for the Oakland A’s, Whatsisname. Now playing shortstop for the Oakland A’s, Whatsisface. The A’s in 2015 are a combination of Whatsisnames and Whatsisfaces — that’s how completely general manager Billy Beane — no Whatsisname himself — has turned over a squad that qualified as a wild-card team last season. This squad is so… Read More »

Face of the A’s or not

Here is a link to my Sunday column about the A’s. The full text runs below: MESA, Ariz. — Picture Sonny Gray standing at his locker in the brand-new clubhouse of the A’s brand-new spring ballpark. I go up to him. I say: “A bunch of writers last night had dinner together. We were saying on the Giants the face of the team is Buster Posey. And we were saying, ‘Who is the face of the A’s?’ “Some said you.… Read More »